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Hello!  If you’re new to this site, you might be wondering just WHO  is writing all the reviews here on the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog.   Let me introduce myself.  My name is Kristi Sauer and I am a teacher who works 50+ hours a week at a wonderful public school in the inner-city but I moonlight as a restaurant-diner, photographer and blogger in the evenings and on weekends when I can find the time. These are both jobs I love that I have worked very hard for.  I currently live in the northeast metro.  Hugo.  Ever heard of it?! I can only dream of all the restaurants I would like to see up in Hugo.  Maybe someday ;)  I am due to have my first baby in April 2013 and have cut back on writing here at the TCRB.  Hopefully I can dedicate more time to it in the future but right now my priorities are with my family. 
I grew up in the Twin Cities and have considered this my home for most of my life.  When I was growing up, my stay-at-home mom cooked all of our family’s meals and we only visited restaurants on very special occasions.  Pizza delivery and Chinese take-out were common, but my favorite cuisine growing up was Mexican. I have been fortunate to visit many cities in Mexico on numerous occasions and still love it today.
I started Twin Cities Restaurant Blog in February 2007 because I enjoy trying new restaurants and wanted to make it a point to get out and explore with my taste buds and try things I’ve never had before.  My experiences allow me to offer other diners a comprehensive peek into each of the restaurants I try. I don’t have an extensive resume in the restaurant business and I am certainly not a cook nor claim to be a food critic.  I am just a normal gal who loves good food.   I try to provide an honest, objective opinion and detailed information about the restaurants I visit and what they have to offer by sharing Restaurant Features, Atmosphere, Menu, Price Guide, Photos of Food, Specials, Service and Overall Impression.  I am often invited out by the restaurants that I visit and have our meals provided for, but will honestly disclose that information at the beginning of my post.  Being invited out and enjoying a free meal does not influence my opinion of a restaurant or the food but I acknowledge that it usually influence the service I receive when they know who I am.
I like all types of foods and I am generally willing to try anything within reason; the only food I absolutely cannot eat under any circumstances is American Cheese.  Silly, I know, but I have an aversion to it after getting really sick from it when I was a kid.
My #1 companion is my partner, Erick, who has been a big help with this blog behind the scenes.  Other  “companions” include a number of different family members, friends, and colleagues. With so many willing companions to dine with,  and so many restaurants to eat at, I have a fine excuse to try new places.

If you are a fellow diner and have always wanted to see pictures of a specific restaurant and the food they serve there, along with an honest opinion, this blog is the place! I love getting feedback, so please leave comments when you feel my reviews have helped you or have inspired you to try something new:) I would also love to get ideas of new places to try. You can suggest a restaurant you’d like me to try here.

If you are in the restaurant business and would like to be featured on the blog, please contact me to set something up. ( )  I am not affiliated with any particular restaurant but work closely with many.

This blog was started in early 2007 and I have only visited a small fraction of restaurants around the Greater Twin Cities, so please be patient as I increase the number of reviews…. My busy schedule and pocketbook can only afford to eat out a few times per week!

My camera equipment is a Nikon D5000 ( 50mm 1.4 lens for food photos, 18-55mm kit lens for wider angles) which I have used exclusively since Jan 2010.  All the photos from reviews in 2007-2008 were taken with a little Canon S500 (point and shoot) and  my reviews from 2009 were taken with a Canon G9. The older photos are a shame to look at, but everyone starts somewhere, right? I am doing my best to update old reviews.   My food photography has come a long way since I first started this blog.  You can check out all my restaurant photos on Flickr.  If you want to use any of my photos, I appreciate you asking first.

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  1. Something that might be fun and delicious for this delightful site. Everyone loves chocolate and this would make a great piece for Valentines’ Day. Chocolatier Mary Leonard, owner of Chocolat Céleste – and her fabulous, hand-made French-style chocolates – is now opening a pop-up shop in Victoria Crossing in St. Paul for Valentine’s Day. She is a good interview –and can tell you all about her exquisite boutique chocolates (they are gorgeous as well as delicious) and all about chocolate’s history through the ages and why we can’t live without it! Her French-styled chocolates are usually only available from Paris. I have a release and photo I can send you; just give me your email address so I can send them along. Thank you.

  2. I want to know how you like the German restaurant in St. Paul called the Glockenspiel. It’s on 7th not far from Highland Park I think.

  3. I am receiving information for Austin, TX Restaurants vs. the Twin Cities. How do I get this corrected?

  4. I have just discovered this blog…being a foodie as well! :) Just bookmarked your page into my computer. Then I looked to see “who was behind this blog” and there you were! Wow! We will have to chat about food in person real soon! Totally agree with the reviews of Blue Door Pub! Enjoy your summer! Maybe I will catch you at North End in the fall sometime!

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