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Do you like what you read here at the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog? If so, this is the place to leave me a “Shout Out”

….. because it’s always nice to know when your hard work is appreciated by the thousands of people who visit (but rarely comment!)

I’d love to know who my readers are and where you come from, so please take the time to leave your name and any feedback you have for me.

As always, thanks for reading!


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  1. yes, hopefully management is reading this.
    Why the pricing games with the dessert menu????????????????????????????????????????????? sticker shock games? what gives??? put your prices on the menu

  2. I really like your blog. I will visit it often. I have either been in Food Service(with school) or Advertising all of my life. I think you blog is a great service for all concerned. Good places need recognition to help keep them around. And poor places need to either wake up and quit ripping people off. Or go change oil for a living or something. My strengths in cooking are southern American, Pizza, and smoked or BBQ. But I love variety and will try most anything once. You might want to try Taystee’s Pizza in Columbia Heights. They have been there 50 yrs. I like the sauce, and he is still using brick ovens, pretty decent. We Minnesotan’s are spoiled with great pizza places. I traveled all over the U.S. printing tourist publications…we are blessed. I am going to try Red’s Savoy because of your recommendation, and will try a few more on your list. Thanks Mike

  3. Thanks for all the great information. This is really good info especially for new residents in the Twin Cities!

  4. I have been following your site for some time now. I always look forward to see what new places you go to. I have introduced your site to many people and I hope you keep it up. You have actually inspired myself and my buddy to start a food blog of our own. I’m not the photographer that you are but I’m trying. Keep it up. If you’re interested the blog that you have inspired is here…


  5. once again my group of 10 had an outstanding evening of great service, food and fun at Manitou Station. The management and staff are fabulous and the service could not be better. great prices and the patio is the best, thanks to everyone.

  6. Hello, Im from Northern Mn and my family and I travel to the “Cities” about 3-4 times a year and are always looking for different but good food to try. We try to find a different place every time and thanks to your Blog we have a new list of places. Thank you and keep on keeping on. Your doing a great job!

  7. Hi Kristi,
    I’ve just spent an enjoyable hour or so reading many of your reviews, after finding my way here via Dana’s blog. (She is my niece.) Your reviews are well written, and I like that you include so many photos – very helpful. I’ll try some new restaurants, thanks to you!

    I’d like to see what you think of a few of my favorite restaurants: Phil’s Tara Hideaway, Lindey’s Prime Steakhouse, Grand Pizza downtown Stillwater (try the white pizza, with chicken).

  8. We’re going to back to Kahn’s Mongolian Grill and went on Google to look at reviews. Your’s matched our experiences there. Then I looked at some of your other reviews. I can only say nice job!

  9. Hey Kristi,

    My name is Catherine and I’ve also created a similar blog but for the region of Toronto, Canada. I really love your variety of restaurants and feel like I already know all the great places I want to eat at if I ever go to Minneapolis. I particularly like the side bar which has links to coupons and deals. In the future I hope to also offer this to my readers. Your blog is such an inspiration to me and my new blog. All the best and I hope you come by and check out my own blog.
    Keep writing and…



  10. Great site… I found many great places to visit.

  11. Great information!

    I love food and I make a living by delivering some great restaurants here in Minneapolis that dont normally deliver. Love you site!
    Josef Disla
    Restaurant Bridge

  12. Great Reviews! You should really check out Yum (The bakery items are amazing!!! ESPECIALLY THE PATTY CAKE!!)
    I think you should add stellas fish cafe aswell(PERFECT SERVICE PERFECT FOOD)

    • Stellas does have some great food! I am in there twice a month!
      I’ve been trying to get them signed on with us at Restaurant Bridge so we can get their great menu delivered to awaiting customers!


  14. Hello, this site is totally awesome!!!!

  15. I’m signing because I just found your site and I’m bored. LoL.

  16. A great excuse to sign your guestbook! Here’s hoping you hit 500,000 today!
    Hitting you today from Princeton, MN -though i hit you up plenty from my phone :)

    Question – of all the places you’ve been and reviewed… picking ONLY one.. what would be your favorite? Okay fine – top 3.

  17. Hi Kristi!
    Just came across your website today – it’s great! Glad to have discovered it.

  18. Hi, I just wanted to tell you I love this website! Your reviews have given me many ideas of new places to try

  19. Hi Kristi!
    I am going out to lunch with a friend tomorrow and was trying to think of a good place to go. So I thought of your blog! Hope you are having a good Spring Break. Isn’t it nice? See you soon.
    Joan Brand

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