Mar 122007

Cuisine: Authentic Mexican

Restaurant Features: Bar

Midtown Global Market

Lake Street & Chicago Ave.  Stall # 155  612-872-4140
Other location: 1420 Nicollet Ave Minneapolis, MN 55403 612-813-1970

Hours: 11am to 10pm Mon – Sat;  11am to 9pm Sun


Atmosphere: Located within the culturally-diverse Midtown Global Market (to the right of the mall entrance) , A La Salsa is one of the only vendors that offers sit-down dining.  I would say the restaurant can accommodate about 40-50 people in the dining room, which has several wooden tables.  Large windows make the restaurant much brighter during the day than most Mexican restaurants, but the brightly colored glass pendants hanging over every table provide a more intimate feel after dark.  The brightly colored bar area can seat another eight people.  I did not notice any Mexican music playing during my visit, but there were touches of Mexican art painted on the walls.


Menu: Full bar, including a variety of Margarita choices.

Complimentary tortilla chips and fresh pico de gallo are served along with salsa verde.  Other appetizers include quesadillas, nachos, spicy shrimp and spicy chicken wings.

Entrees include a variety of tacos and tortas (spicy shredded chicken, carne asada, carnitas, and fish), enchiladas, flautas, tamales and chile rellenos.  There are also several dishes that are mostly meat-based ( shrimp, salmon and carne asada prepared a variety of ways).  A great choice for those of you carb-watchers!

Full A La Salsa Menu

Price Guide:
Appetizers: $6-8; Entrees: $8-13 Desserts: $4-6  A la carte menu items: $2-5

What I ordered: House Margarita, 2-for-1 happy hour before 6pm.  Tasty, but light on the tequila and strong on the lime juice; still a good deal.  Loved the complimentary chips and fresh pico de gallo (which had just the right combo of onion, tomato and cilantro)

Combination platter with carne asada taco, chicken flauta, cheese enchilada and side of beans and rice.  For $11.50, I was kind of disappointed with the size of each item.  This is a regular sized plate; the beans and rice amount to more food than these three.  For good measure, I also orded a carnitas taco a la carte.  The carne asada taco was excellent, served with finely chopped steak and topped with cilantro and onions.  Served on a tiny corn tortilla.  Fondly reminded me of the tacos I have had in Mexico.  The cheese enchilada was also very good- I am not sure what type of cheese was used, but it was mild and melted to a nice consistency- topped with mole sauce and white Mexican cheese.  I didn’t care for the chicken flauta (but then again, I don’t care for them at many restaurants so it is probably just me). The chicken was dry and boring and the tortilla had been fried too long.  The carnitas taco I ordered was pretty good; the pork was tender and moist.  Nothing special about the beans or rice.   If I order tacos next time, I will get them a la carte, which seems like a much better value.


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My companion ordered chicken fajitas.  They looked and smelled delicious! There was quite a bit of meat for the three tortillas that was served with it.  We asked for a couple of additional tortillas, but were informed they would charge us for them.


Service: Although it was before 5pm when we arrived, there was only one person working and he doubled as host/server/bartender.  As the restaurant started getting busier, an additional server was added.  Although they forgot to bring us more chips and salsa when we asked, I would say that service was generally good.

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