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Cuisine: Burgers, American, Ice Cream

Restaurant Features: On-Site Parking

Locations: Edina, Highland Park, Minnetonka, Roseville

Addresses & Maps:



Edina– 4502 Valley View Rd Edina, MN 55424 (952) 920-0949

Highland Park244 Cleveland Ave S, St Paul, MN‎ – (651) 690-1846

Minnetonka17519 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN‎ – (952) 475-1850

Roseville– 1125 Larpenteur Ave W  St Paul, Minnesota 55113 (651) 488-0241

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Atmosphere: Located within a large strip mall, Snuffy’s Malt Shop is reminiscent of an old-fashioned burger joint: The red and white striped wallpaper, the red vinyl booths, and the ice-cream counter.  There are three small sections within the restaurant, all of which contain 4-person booths. There were a few small table sin one section, but accommodating a large group would be quite a challenge.

Snuffys_0131000 Snuffys_0141000


Menu: Snuffy’s is most famous for their hamburgers and malts!  Burger choices include the basic hamburger, cheeseburger, California bugrer, or the Snuffy’s Burger (lettuce, bacon, tomato, cheese).   If you’re not in the mood for a burger, try one of Snuffy’s grilled sandwiches (ham, chicken, cheese, etc).

Choose from over 20 Malt flavors or try an old fashioned soda, phosphate, or float.



Price Guide:

Burgers: $3.75-5.25 extra patty $1.50  (add $2 for fries or $2.50 for onion rings)

Grilled Sandwiches: $3.35-5.35 (add $2 for fries or $2.50 for onion rings)

Kids Menu $3.25

Malts: $3-4


What I ordered: Bacon & swiss burger with a side of onion rings.  The burger was made of fresh hamburger, and was tender and juicy (a bit on the greasy side).  Although the menu didn’t specify the size of the patty, I would say it was about a 1/3 lb.  It came served on a grilled bun, but I wish the buns had been more thick and sturdy.  I could almost detect a hint of sweetness to the bun as well.  The onion rings were a big hit; nice and crispy.  Of course I also ordered a malt… I went with the Snuffy Colada (strawberry, banana, and pineapple). Thick and delicious; heavy on the malt, just the way I like it.  Could predominately taste strawberries (I wish it would’ve had more pineapple), but it was very flavorful.

Snuffys_0091000 Snuffys_0061000



Service: Very friendly.  Despite how busy it was, Snuffy’s did a great job of finding us a table as soon as possible.  Our server was prompt and courteous throughout the meal.  At one point a malt glass at our table was accidently broken and management inquired immediately to make sure noone was hurt.  Manager was very kind and patient while cleaning a very big mess from our table.  Our experience also required a take-out order; everything was neatly packed and bagged.


Overall Impression: Fun, inexpensive place to come with a small group.  Good burgers, even better malts!

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