Apr 042007

Cuisine: English

Restaurant Features: Bar, Patio Dining, Happy Hour

Location: Minneapolis (Downtown)

Address: 1110 Nicollet Mall    Minneapolis, MN 55403  (612) 332-3908

Links: Brit’s Pub Website * Brit’s Facebook Page * Google Map


Atmosphere: Brit’s isn’t nearly as dark and dungeoness as I was envisioning, in fact it has several large windows that face onto Nicollet Mall (where there happen to be several tables for patio seating).  The bar at Brit’s is one big draw…its a happy hour hotspot for many Downtowners.  Another big draw to Brit’s is the Lawn Bowling, which was closed on my visit because of poor weather.


Menu: Appetizers that are offered include Sausage Rolls, Artichoke Dip, Scotch eggs, Samosas, and English Cheese Platter.

Sandwiches and Burgers include Stilton Burger, Toasted English cheese, Tuna & sweetcorn salad wrap, Beefeater, London Broil Sarnie, and Grilled Portebella.

If you like Shepherd’s Pie, Brit’s has that as well as Cornish Pastries, Pot Pie, Bangers and Mash, Pot Roast, and London Broil.  Last but not least, Brit’s Fish & Chips.

Price guide: Appetizers $8-11 (Sampler $15) Sandwiches and Burgers: $9-12  Pies and Entrees: $12-17

What I ordered: Brit’s Artichoke & Spinach dip (Four cheeses, artichoke hearts, fresh spinach and tomatoes make this a perennial BRIT’S favourite.  Served with toasted baguette slices).  This appetizer has been my family’s favorite since the recipe was published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune several years ago.  Brit’s version contains much larger pieces of vegetables than my mother’s finely-chopped version.  This dish is usually $11.95 but is offered during Happy Hour for a mere $4.95


For dinner I ordered the Brit’s London Broil Sarnie (tasty marinated London Broil steak loaded with mushrooms, onions and melted Stilton cheese on a toasted ciabatta roll).  I had never had Stilton cheese before, but it is basically a strong bleu cheese.  The mushrooms and onions were sauteed nice & buttery.  I thought the sandwich was delicious, but very, very messy!! They give you a large steak night so I opted to cut my sandwich up.  This proved to be a bigger challenge than I had assumed, as I lost my knife not once, but twice while attempting to cut the sandwich!


Service: I thought the services was pretty good.  Our server stopped by several times to see if we were ready to order, offered suggestions, etc.  As business picked up with the Happy Hour crowd, it took awhile for us to get our bill.

Overall Impression: The food was really good, not as different as I expected “English” food to be.  May be difficult getting a table for a large party, but I will definitely go back to see the lawn bowling and have another meal.

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  1. […] #2 Brit’s Pub ~  Brit’s Artichoke & Spinach dip has been my family’s favorite since the recipe was published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune several years ago. It contains a blend of Four cheeses, and large chunks of artichoke hearts, fresh spinach and tomatoes. It could’ve been more bubbly brown on top but still excellent.  It is served with toasted baguette slices.   This dish is usually $11.95 but is offered during Happy Hour for a mere $4.95 […]

  2. Great place in the summer- hit the rooftop for a game of lawn bowling. Having lived in England and crave pasties Brit’s fills the void for a lot cheaper than a plane ticket across the pond. Cheers!

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