Apr 192007

**** A newer review of Jethros Char House dated 1/14/12 can be found here ****

Cuisine: American, Burgers, Fish & Seafood, Steak & Ribs

Restaurant Features: Bar, Games, Pull-Tabs, On-Site Parking

Location: Mahtomedi, MN

Address: 3140 Century Ave Mahtomedi, MN 55110 651-770-2443

Links: Google Map * Jethros on Facebook


Atmosphere: No need for fancy duds at this Char-house!  Jethro’s is a very laid-back restaurant/bar, a popular place for locals to meet up and enjoy a drink or fill up on good food.  Wood paneled walls and wooden tables grace most of the restaurant.  There is also a back room complete with 2nd bar, pull-tabs  and dart boards.


Menu: Start of your experience with a choice of buffalo wings, fried mushrooms, Beef Nacho Supreme, and Walleye or Chicken Fingers.  Sandwiches include a Philly, French Dip, Jethro’s Reuben, Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken, Tuna Melt and Fish Filet.

Maybe your more in the mood for a burger? Jethro’s recently changed their burger menu to a “Build your Own Burger” with a list of toppings so that you may customize your own burger.

Entrees include Broasted Chicken, Wild Sockeye Salmon, Baked Lemon Pepper Cod, Shrimp, Penne Pasta or Sirloin or New York Strip Steak.

Price guide: Appetizers: $6-9  Sandwiches: $7-11  Burgers: $7.95 (for up to 3 toppings) Entrees: $10-19

What we ordered: The Jethro’s Reuben.  Classic corned beef Reuben on pumpernickel with swiss and “special sauce”.  Basically the special sauce is the sauerkraut pre-mixed into the thousand island dressing; you can’t have one without the other. I thought the sandwich was very good, piled high with corned beef and grilled nice and crispy. (I wouldn’t have been able to take a picture of the inside of the sandwich without making an gooey mess.  Take my word for it).  The large steak fries were HOT and crispy.


My companion customized a burger with cheddar, bacon and sauteed mushrooms.  If you’re  a fan or charbroiled burgers, Jethro’s has the best!


Service: The service at Jethro’s is usually fast, even when there is a busy crowd.  Drinks are refilled when needed.

Overall Impression: Jethro’s is a good place to go if you like a casual atmosphere, they are also accommodating toward larger groups. Good food (excellent burgers) and good service.

  8 Responses to “Jethro’s Char-House & Pub ~ Mahtomedi, MN”

  1. Jethro’s has good food and real nice Wait Staff. Staff are very busy, but very fast and they are happy to service you. They started a New Karaoke Show on Saturday Nights at 9pm with room for singers and listeners too. Very good sound and fast rotation. Come and check it out, it’s always a good time!

  2. I was wondering if you were looking for a dish washer ?

  3. Jethros is one of my favorite places to eat. I consider myself a burger conisseur and can honestly say that I have never had a burger quite as good as the one they make. It is perfectly charred on the outside while still being red on the inside. Their fried are like heaven and their wings are also the best I have ever had.

  4. We have eaten at Jethros regularly over the past 13 years. Their burgers are the best in town as far as I am concerned. I usually get the Tennessee with grilled onions and lettuce and tomato with mayo, and my husband gets the Razorback. If I have a burger anywhere else, I find myself comparing it to theirs, and I have yet to find one better.

  5. I have had nothing but good experiences there . The food is reasonably priced and the service was always good. The bacon cheeseburger is a favorite as are the steak sandwiches. Lunch special everyday as well. Who can complain

  6. I used to work for them and it is a very thorough work places lots of work little breaks. the cooks rush to keep food fresh for every costumer and the waitress are very nice. people come in there thinking these people are bout to get on there knees for u and drop everything to come serve you its not going to happen.but i eat there all the time . i suggest deep fried chicked or any burger or the ruebeun there best meals if u ask me. top quality food made from scratch and drinks are very nice

  7. Well I ate dinner (HUGE Burger, great fries, everything was HOT and the waitress was very nice, food served within 15 minutes). We then stayed for some music (they now have a Wednesday night “Music Jam”). Everything was great, even the rain storm!
    They had two bands, and I liked the one that played “Tobacco Road” the best. Awesome bunch.
    I will be going back.

  8. We had a nice dinner last night, very casual, French Dip and a custom burger. Everything was good–the place is a bit noisy, but there is no smoke at all now and that makes a big difference. As far as the waitresses and owner, gee whiz, the waitresses were all nice and prompt, the owner has always been friendly and I am surprised at some of the reviews above. Our two sandwichs with the trimmings came to $16.95==I think that’s a pretty good deal.

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