May 042007

Cuisine: American, Burgers, Pasta, Pizza

Restaurant Features: Banquet Rooms, Bar, Flat Screen TVs, Games, Happy Hour, On-Site Parking, Sports bar

Location: Vadnais Heights, MN

Address: 1132 County Road E E, St Paul, MN (651) 482-1100

Hours: Drink:  10AM – 1AM (Everyday)  Food:  10AM – 12 Midnight (Everyday)

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Atmosphere: There are actually three main parts to Jimmy’s: The Restaurant, the Bar, and the Banquet Center.  The restaurant itself is  smoke-free area with several booths and wooden tables, with several large flat-paneled TVs on the walls tuned in to various sports programming.  The large bar area is a very popular happy-hour hangout, with pool tables, dart boards, pull-tabs and other video games.  The banquet area accommodates up to 500 people and is available for wedding reception, conferences, etc.












































Menu: Jimmy’s has a large selection of Appetizers including 13 flavors of chicken wings, Southwest Spring Rolls, Italian Dunkers, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Walleye Fingers (beer-battered or Cajun), Coconut Chicken Fingers, and Quesadillas.  Check out the happy hour specials.

Sandwich selections include BBQ Pork sandwich, Chicken Caesar Wrap, Beefeater, French Dip, Monte Cristo, California Chicken, and Walleye.  There are also nearly 15 varieties of burgers.

Dinner entrees include Walleye prepared 5 different ways, Batter Fried Chicken, Champagne Chicken, Lasagna, Alfredo,  Seafood Linguine, Lasagna, Spaghetti, Battered Shrimp, Grilled Pork Chops, New York Steak and Baby Back Ribs.  Jimmy’s also has a selection of thin crust pizzas.

Price guide: Appetizers $6-9  Sandwiches $7-10 (fries $1.50 extra) Burgers $6-8  Entrees $12-19




















What I ordered: My companion and I took advantage of Jimmy’s Happy House appetizer specials.  One thing we tried were the Cajun walleye fingers.  I’ve had the regular walleye fingers several times, but this was the first time I tried them Cajun-style.  I enjoyed the additional spiciness combined with the crispy batter and fresh tartar sauce.









































We also wanted wings but I was debating whether I wanted the delicious teriyaki wings that I’ve had before or if I would try the spicy sesame.  The waiter recommended the sesame, so we tried those.  They were not at all what I expected, which was something more “Asian” inspired.  The “spice” in these wings tasted very much like their buffalo sauce, which I don’t particularly care for, topped with sesame seeds.  Won’t be ordering this flavor again, I will stick to the sweet, rich teriyaki.





















Our other companion ordered the grilled chicken breast sandwich, served with honey mustard dressing and thought it was pretty good.
























Service: Friendly, prompt.  There are usually free games going on for discounts on food or drink.


Overall Impression: Good happy hour specials, good place to meet with friends for happy hour or to shoot a game of pool.

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  10 Responses to “Jimmy’s Food & Drink- Vadnais Heights, MN”

  1. went their for a good lunch got that but prices are way high salad soup has changed .watress was awesome. just the prices have gone through the roof

  2. My husband and I eat here last night. We are new to the area and had been told good things about it. We got the Italian dunkers and wings. They were okay but kind of cold. The drinks were really watered down too. I guess that is what you get for a 2 for 1 special. The hostess was really rude. When the waitor sat us he seemed nice but became more and more rude throughout our dinner. I probably won’t go here again.

  3. I am disgusted and appalled at the treatment that I received from the bouncer, off duty Ramsey County Sherriff officers, and management at this establishment. The off duty officers are ego-maniacs and waiting for a fight at the drop of a dime (ask any respectable police officer in your area about the reputation of the “police officers” that work off duty at Jimmy’s). This bar has a reputation in the community for using unnecessary force against their patrons and are frequented by Ramsey County police.

    Their management is rude, unprofessional, and completely uninterested in hearing constructive feedbackor complaints, or working towards a solution. I will NEVER again go to Jimmy’s nor will I support anyone else doing so. Drinking at this establishment is a risk to your saftey and freedom. Not to mention, there are many other bars and restaurants in the area that can serve the same crappy greasy bar food and watered down 2 for 1 drinks. And the same shady, redneck, uneducated, cheapskate people that hang out at Jimmy’s regularly can be found at the other establishments in the area. I suggest you find another place to dine at, as you are sure to have a horrible night.

  4. Rudest management I’ve ever experienced. I had a complaint and the manager said she didn’t have to listen to anything I (apparently a meaningless drunk) had to say. I will only go back to this bar the day the management is fired for their lack of customer service. Only then will I feel their overpriced drinks will be worth it.

  5. Jimmy’s is a White Bear legend. I grew up going to drink sodas and play trivia. Now my friends and I will go up there to grab a happy hour. The service there is usually outstanding, no mess ups or mischarges (except for one time where we were addressed by the server promptly and apologized to). Aside from being busy most Fri-Sat nights, there is no better place to grab a drink/apps for happy hour around Vadnais Heights/White Bear.

  6. They ripped me off too the exact same way a 20 dollar tip and my bill wasnt even that much so I believe it must have been a certin waitress but I still go back the food and prices are great!!

  7. This place rocks! 241 drinks nearly all day long 7 days a week! Nuff said!

  8. Jimmys is great! As for bad service…never and over charges maybe they made a mistake… that’s life

  9. i was ripped off at this bar/grill! i was over charged without letting me know. the waitress never came to serve us until we waved. the bar cheated by putting $20 extra tip without my authorization. this place just lost a customer and whoever hung out here you probably got ripped off not knowing. bad customer service, cheated on my tab, and although u say happy hour, drinks are not even mixed well. all drinks don’t compare to other places. i will never come back there again….BAD SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Order the beer battered Walleye Sandwich! It’s massively HUGE and you won’t be disappointed! It melts in your mouth!!! YUM!

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