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Cuisine: Delicatessen

Restaurant Features: Cafe-Style, Counter Service, On-Site Parking

Location: St Paul

Address: 1562 Como Ave. St Paul, MN 55108  Phone (651)647-1288 Fax (651) 644-2060

Hours Mon-Friday 6:30am -7:00pm  Sat 8:00am-6:00pm  Sun 8:00am-5:00pm

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Atmosphere: Take-out only, unfortunately :(

Menu: Open for breakfast, Nelson Cheese offers custom breakfast wraps (12″ tortilla, scrambled eggs, cheese with choice of Meat (bacon, ham, sausage), Veggies (green pepper, jalapenos, mushrooms, onions, tomato) and Sauce (cajun, caliente, salsa, sour cream).

Specialty sandwiches all have their own fancy names (ex. St paul Special, Como Club, Chicken Little, etc) and are made up of a variety of deli meats, cheeses, veggies and sauce, served ona  variety of breads.  These sandwiches are all served cold.

Hot sandwiches include a Hot Hero, Reuben or Rachel, Meatball, Philly Beef & cheese, Kansas City BBQ, Santa Fe, Lexington, New Orleans or Ham & cheese.

Large “Sub” stantials served ona  large torpedo roll include the Cheesemaker, the Manhattan, and the Big Bird.

Box lunches are also avaialble for call-ahead orders.

Price guide: Breakfast wraps $3.74 + tax  Specialty sandwiches $4.67 +tax  Hot Sandwiches $4.67 + tax  “Sub”stantials  $5.99 + tax

What I ordered: The reuben.  This sandwich was HUGE for $5!! The corned beef was good and I especially liked the “special sauce”, which was not the standard 1000 island like most reubens, but instead a creamy light cheese spread (I think thats what it was anyway!) The bread was crispy (I believe they toast/bake their sandwiches instead of grilling them).






















Service: Fairly fast, depending on how many customers are waiting and what you order.  Hot sandwiches obviously take a little longer.

Overall Impression: Excellent, fast sandwiches.  Wish they had a sit-down eating area

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  6 Responses to “Nelson Cheese & Deli- St Paul, MN”

  1. I love stopping at Nelson’s. Their veggie sandwich is great- tons of veggies and cheeses. One of those sandwiches you wonder how you can get the whole thing in your mouth! Since you can’t eat there taking the lunch and heading to Como Park is a great idea for a picnic.

  2. I love small deli places like Nelson Cheese. While fine dining restaurants are coming up with ways to market sandwiches and burgers at ridiculously high prices, traditional deli places like this still serve good food in substantial portions and at a low price.I run a Fort Lauderdale catering business and these restaurants make me appreciate no frills quality good food, which is what I aim to serve in my business.

  3. This place is the best kept secret in the cities. Where else can you go for healthy, yet scrumtous fast food. They have the best salad bar ever, anything you can think of is in it and the sandwichs are enough for two people or one very hungry one. My personal favorite is the Town of Nelson. I keep trying the others but this is my fav. Caraway rye bread with chicken and ham, choice of cheese, I like pepper jack, lettuce, tomato and onion with mayo…….mmmmm gonna get me some

  4. I stopped at nelson Cheese yesterday morning after a Dr appt in the area. I had a breakfast wrap and it was sooooooo good! Wish I worked or lived closer and I would get one several times a week!

  5. This is the best place to get sandwiches in the Twin Cities! The place looks great since they remodeled too. My favorite is the Santa Fe and the Cheesemaker.

  6. I can’t believe you went to this place without me… This is my favorite deli.. YUMMY!!!

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