Jun 152007

**This Restaurant is CLOSED**


Cuisine: American,

Restaurant Features: Bar (limited to beer and wine), Counter-Service, Live Music, On-Site Parking

Location: Forest Lake

Address: 21450 Forest Blvd. North (Intersection of Hwys 61 & 97) 651.982.1802  | Fax 651.982.1803

Hours: M-F 6am-9pm Sat 7am-9pm  Sun 7am-3pm

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Atmosphere: Brightly colored walls with lighted pendants hanging from the high ceilings, Max’s is brightly lit during the day, and seems like it is romantic and laid-back at night.  Counter service is offered for breakfast and lunch, with digital screens displaying the current menu.  Dinner menu/table service is the standard for dinner.  I was pleased to see that Max’s is smoke-free and they also offer Wi-Fi :)























Menu: Breakfast items include a variety of omelets, breakfast burritos, fruit and classic breakfast sandwiches (build-your-own with choices of a variety of meat, eggs and cheeses).  Several varieties of coffee and energy drinks are also very popular.  Lunch items include a variety of fresh salads, soups (chicken dumpling and SOTD), and specialty sandwiches including the baked Reuben, Philly cheese steak, grilled chicken, clubhouse, and a variety of deli sandwiches as well.  Hot dogs and hot carved beef (referred to as “burgers”) sandwiches are also very popular.

Dinner selections include all of the specialty and hot sandwiches, plus pulled pork, beef brisket, ribs, rotisserie chicken, and coconut crusted tilapia.

There is a large dessert menu and also a huge variety of specialty drinks offered, including a selection of wine, beer, teas, coffees and old-fashioned sodas.


Price guide: Breakfast $3-6, Salads $4-7, Sandwiches $5-8  Dinners $8-11

What I ordered: Baked Reuben (Hand carved corned-beef topped with swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and 1000 island dressing on rye bread, served with seasoned kettle chips.  I thought the sandwich was very good, the corned beef was lean and had great flavor.  My personal preference is that Reubens have better flavor when grilled with butter, but this baked Reuben is a better choice for keeping it “light”.





















My companion ordered the Memphis Bleu Burger, slow-cooked shredded beef topped with peppered bacon and bleu cheese, served on  ciabatta bread.  This sandwich was amazing! I tried only a  few bites and have never had anything like it before.  The combination of flavors from the beef, bacon and bleu cheese was really wonderful and I loved that it was served on the ciabatta.























Service: Very friendly! No matter what time of day you visit, you are sure to be catered to.  Although you must order at the counter for breakfast or lunch, food is prepared reasonably fast and brought to your table.  The only thing I think that could be improved is having a refill station that customers can access.

Overall Impression: Excellent food, fast service, great prices!

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  1. Max’s is a regular stop for me. I love it! Great food, friendly service. I like to come with my laptop and use their wifi to surf and work.
    My favorite is their Memphis Blues sandwich. My wife loves the raspberry chicken salad.
    The atmosphere is great with cool music (they have live music on most Wednesday nights). I came for the sushi night they had and it was awesome! What a treat not to have to drive into the cities to have something special like sushi.

  2. My husband and I were out of town for out anniversary and heard about this new restaurant so we decided to stop in for lunch. Boy, were we disappointed. First of all we were the only customers – the place was dead. There were 2 employees present – the cook and the host/waitress, but neither of them seemed real enthusiastic to be there. We asked the waitress for recommendations, but she hesitated. Finally I told her I was interested in the nachos and quesadillas and asked whay the house favorite was. She stated the quesadillas so that’s what I ordered, and my husband ordered the cheeseburger. The appearance of the food was okay, but once we took a bite we realized we made a big mistake by going there. The food was terrible… My husbands burger was dry and he stated he would have preferred McDonalds – better taste and better price. My quesadillas was so greasy that it dripped down my hand and arm as I tried to take a bite. There was more bacon fat and red peppers on it than anything else. Where were the onions and beef? Then, I try the salsa and guacamole – yuck. The quacamole did not appear to be homemade and tasted like it was blended with something to make it go farther, and the salsa tasted grilled red peppers and nothing else. This was the worst quesidallas I’ve ever had and believe me I’ve had hundreds. We vowed to never return and regret wasting 1 hour of our time not to mention our money. 5 thumbs down – don’t bother checking it out.

  3. I loved this restaurant but I am wondering if it is even still open??? I wonder if the location made it hard to get noticed

  4. The Sluggo Burger was a hit with me. Great taste. My wife had the Taco Salad and was very pleased. Ambiance of the restaurant is nice. Well-decorated. Great music. COmfortable. You don’t feel rushed through your meal. Good value and great, friendly service. We’ll be back.

  5. We dined there and where disapointed. The service was slow with bad additude. The pulled pork was dry shavings of “fridgy” tasting meat and my compainion’s brisket tough and chewy.
    Love your site.

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