Jul 202007

******This restaurant is closed******


Cuisine: American, Breakfast , Dessert

Restaurant Features: Bar

Location: Minneapolis (uptown)

Address: 2919 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55408 612-824-6300  (Hennepin & Lagoon)

**Other locations at 510 1st Ave N # 301 and 800 LaSalle Ave

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Atmosphere: During daylight hours Zeno Cafe is nice and bright, with several tables in the main dining area as well as sidewalk seating.  At night the lights get very dim and romantic, the perfect place to have a glass of wine and dessert.  There is an impressive and sophisticated wine bar against the back wall that is also a great place to sit with friends.

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Menu: Being that Zeno is renowned for being a dessert & wine bar, I would first like to present the desserts!! White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, creme brulee, cheesecake with candy bar topping, lava cake, carrot cake, brownie, cookie sundae, biscotti or cookie plate.  There is also a featured daily dessert.  Zeno offers a variety of after-dinner coffees and wines to compliment the sweets!

Dessert is, however, just a small part of the menu.  Open early, Zeno cafe offers breakfast items such as veggie or salmon morning quesadilla, creme brulee french toast, veggie fritatta, eggs, bagel & cream cheese, or fruit.  Starters for lunch or dinner include baked goat cheese dip, Italian artichoke dip, Edamame, Cucumber Feta Tapenade, and baked clams.  Zeno paninis include Greek, tuna salad, roast beef and cheese, Italian or turkey bacon.  Try one of the quesadillas: BBQ chicken, avocado, or spicy peanut shrimp.  Featured items include the veggie fritatta, baked penne, grilled beef stay or flatbreads.

Price guide: Breakfast $6-8  Panini or quesadillas $8-9

What We ordered: My companions and I ordered a couple of desserts to share.  This Chocolate Lava Cake was very rich and chocolaty, filled with warm fudge filling.  Not a huge piece of cake, but so rich you might want to share it with a friend!











































We also tried the featured daily dessert, the Key lime tart.  The hostess described the tart to us as being different than pie, much more light.  We tried it and it was delicious! Nice and tart, but with a smooth creamy but firm texture.  Nice, buttery graham cracker crust.  We couldn’t differentiate how this tart was any different than regular pie?!  Too bad it isn’t a regular on the dessert menu!
























Service: Very good.  We were greeted when we first entered and it was early enough in the evening that we were offered our choice of seating.  It was a nice evening so my companions and I chose to sit at one of the tables on the sidewalk (which has a wonderful view of the intersection of Hennepin & Lagoon).  Our server was good about checking on us and had no problem splitting our tab three ways.

Overall Impression: They have really good desserts, I would like to go back again sometime for lunch to try one of the panini sandwiches!

  3 Responses to “Zeno Cafe ~ Minneapolis, MN”

  1. I like going to this place with my girlfriends. You can share your dishes and try a lot more options. I have never had the dessert but think that I may need to try it now. I have done the bottomless wine in the past and it has gotten me into trouble:) My only complaint is that the service is always SO slow, even if it isn’t busy. Thanks for checking out my new blog!

  2. I went there for an after dinner drink an dessert. I asked for a water and watched the server knock over the caddy that held all the unwrapped straws. They all fell out onto the floor, she picked them up and put them back and then put one into my water. I’ll never go there again, imagine what goes on in their kitchen where people can’t see!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m a frequent diner at Zeno in Uptown – love the wine, the food is okay but I think the desserts are a bit disappointing. Great happy hour though (bottomless wine tasting for $20) 3 – 7pm.

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