Nov 242007

Cuisine: Japanese

Location: Downtown St. Paul

Carriage Hill Plaza 350 St. Peter Street St. Paul, Minnesota 55102 (651) 224-0185

Fri & Sat  11:30-2:30pm, 5:00pm-11pm  Sunday  12pm-2:30pm, 4:00-9:30pm

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Atmosphere: Sakura has a romantic, yet industrial feeling, with high ceilings and dim pendant lighting. The dining room is long and narrow, but features a full-length bar.















































Menu: Appetizers include a variety of cold appetizers ( various fish and seafood items marinated in a variety of sauces, seasoned radish, boiled asparagus, boiled cold spinach.)  Hot appetizers include pan-fried and steamed dumplings, sliced ribeye rolled with asparagus, fried tofu, oysters, boiled and steamed fish and seafood items, etc).

Entrees include
Prime slices of rib eye, fresh vegetables, tofu and noodles,
cooked in sukiyaki sauce. Yosenabe– “Japanese Bouillabaisse.” Seafood and vegetables cooked
in a flavored broth.
Shabu Shabu– Thin slices of rib eye and vegetables made at your table in
a seasoned broth. Chicken Katsu-Breaded chicken, deep fried and served on a bed of fresh cabbage. Tonkatsu-Breaded pork, deep fried and served on a bed of fresh cabbage. Yaki Niku-Marinated, thin slices broiled beef served on a bed of fresh cabbage.
Sushi and sashimi includes:
(Tuna). Bincho (Albacore Tuna). Hamachi (Yellow Tail). Shake (Salmon). Hirame ( Halibut). Suzuki(Striped Bass). Saba ( Mackerel). Tako (Octopus).
Ika (Squid)Ebi (Shrimp). Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp). Kani (Crab) Mirugai (Jumbo Clam). Hokkigai ( Surf Clam). Akagai (Ark Shell). Hotate (Scallop). Tamago (Egg). Unagi (Fresh Water Eel)Anago (Sea Eel). Uni-(Sea Urchin). Ikura (Salmon Egg). Tobiko (Flying Fish Egg). Masago (Smelt Egg) Bin Toro (Super White Albacore)
Sushi Rolls:
(California Roll). Spicy Tuna (Spicy Tuna Roll). Anakyu (Sea Eel Roll). Salmon Skin (Salmon Skin Roll). Lob & Aspara (Lobster & Asparagus). Tekka (Tuna Roll).Shakemaki (Salmon Roll). Negihama (Yellow Tail Roll). Kappa Maki (Cucumber Roll).  Tekka Maki (Tuna Roll). Oshinko (Pickled Radish Roll).  Kanpyo (Seasoned Gourd Roll).  Futomaki (Mixed Big Roll  – cooked vegatables include katyo, spinach, black mushrooms, cucumber, fish flakes, and egg.) Shake Maki (Salmon Roll)

Specialty rolls include
Aspen, Caterpillar, Dr. Nick, Spicy Tuna, Mexican, #9, Philadelphia, Rainbow, Spider, Tempura, Dancing eel, Dragon

Price guide: Nigiri sushi (2 pieces per order) $4.00-8.50, Specialty roll $6.25-14.95

What we ordered:My companions ordered Negimaki (Asparagus)-
Sliced rib eye rolled with Aparagus and ginger sauce.  I did not try this but it looked delicious and the others enjoyed it quite a bit.









































































Please excuse the terrible quality of this photo, but we also ordered the gyozo.  Fried perfectly and packed with flavor!


The sushi I ordered at Sakura was amazing! I found a new favorite in the Aspen Roll (crab, shrimp, daikon sprouts, avocado, spicy mayonnaise, rolled with masago on top.  The spicy tuna roll was also very good.  The vegetables and fish were very fresh and had a great texture.  The Phill roll was also quite good as long as you love a lot of cream cheese!











































My companions ordered (clockwise from the top left): Ikura (salmon egg), Tobiko (flying fish egg), and several orders of uni (sea urchin), some of them with quail egg.




















Also ordered was yellow tail (Hamachi), arctic clam (hokki)










































Another companion ordered Sukiyaki, which first came with miso soup and house salad.  The sukiyaki was decent, but not a favorite of my companion.  The beef was somewhat chewy.





















































































Another companion ordered the chicken teriyaki/shrimp tempura plate and really enjoyed it.
























Service: Very friendly and patient, considering she was serving a large group.

Overall Impression: Cool atmosphere and delicious, fresh sushi.  Prices seemed pretty reasonable compared to other Japanese restaurants.

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  6 Responses to “Sakura Restaurant & Grill Japanese- St. Paul, MN”

  1. If you could see the kitchen in this place you would never eat there again. They have cockroaches crawling over everything, the dirtiest kitchen I have ever seen.

  2. An old favorite. The food is great. No problems here, with anything. Give them your money, they get mine! I love the fact that they give you a big, thick piece of fish on each piece of Nigiri.

  3. I’ve been to nearly every Japanese place in the Twin Cities, even after the explosive proliferation of them in the last couple years. Sakura is one of the originals and in my opinion a top 3 in the Twin Cities. The sushi chefs here always do a professional job (as opposed to many of the new places) and I have never had any dish on the rest of the menu that wasn’t good.

    And as the previous guy said, its gyoza. (note to reviewer)

    Try this place, it is excellent Japanese food.

  4. It’s “gyoza”, and I think you should specify which of the two from the menu you had, as each has their own special flavor (and one is a perfect vegetarian option).
    Also, I’m glad you enjoyed Sakura – it’s my favorite restaurant, and Miyoko-san is an excellent hostess!

  5. (Don’t worry, I said “don’t tell my husband” because it’s a surprise date for him; not because I’m going with someone else!)
    Thanks again!

  6. I’m planning a date for me and my husband next week and was looking for a good restaurant. I was deciding between a few in downtown St. Paul–you just sealed the deal. I’ll be calling Sakura to make our reservations (don’t tell my husband!). Thanks for sharing your insight; it’s great to get a ‘real’ review of a restaurant!

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