Nov 102007

Cuisine: Chinese

Restaurant Features: Counter Service, On-Site Parking

Location: Vadnais Heights

Address: **After a 2 1/2 year hiatus, Tai Pan is back in a new location!**

Vadnais Heights Shopping Center

925 East County Road E, Suite 140 Vadnais Heights, MN 55127  651-426-7737

Hours Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat-Sun Noon to 9pm

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Atmosphere: Located in the corner of a large strip-mall, the new location of Tai Pan is more geared to the take-out crowd, but does offer a couple of tables in the brightly-painted restaurant.












































Menu: Appetizers include egg rolls, fried pork or cream cheese wontons, fried or steamed dumplings, BBQ pork, chicken wings, butterfly shrimp and shrimp toast.  Soups include hot and sour, egg drop, wonton soup, Chinese vegetable soup and beef noodle.  Chow mein selections include plain, subgum, mushroom, chicken, chicken subgum, chicken or beef with mushrooms, beef, beef subgum, shrimp, shrimp subgum, and chicken, beef or shrimp chop suey.

Main dishes include pork, chicken, vegetable or shrimp egg foo yung,  Sweet & Sour (pork, chicken, shrimp or combo).  Fried Rice (pork, chicken, vegetable, shrimp).  Lo mein (chicekn, beef, pork, vegetable, shrimp, Pad Thai, beef or chicken Chow fun, Singapore Chow fun with curry flavor.  cantonese pan-fried noodles (shrimp, chicken, beef or pork).

Beef dishes include Mongolian, sesame, Szechuan, beef in garlic sauce, mandarin beef, Hunan beef, beef in oyster sauce, kung pao, beef with broccolo, beef with black bean sauce.  Poultry dishes include orange chicken, Mongolian, Hon Sue, Lemon, Moo Goo Gai Pan, Chicken almond ding, chicken with snow pea pods, chicken cashew, eight treasure mandarin chicken, spicy sesame chicken, chicken in garlic sauce, Kung pao, Moo Shu chicken, chicken with pineapple, chicken with broccoli, Szechuan chicken, hunan chicken, Thai yellow curry chicken mandarin cashew, chicken bean curd Malaysian style.

Pork dishes include Moo shu pork, pork in garlic sauce, Mandarin cashew, Hunan Pork, Ma Po bean curd with pork, pork with string beans.  Seafood dishes include shrimp with lobster sauce, shrimp in garlic sauce, mandarin cashew shrimp, shrimp with cashew, Kung pao shrimp, scallops sauteed in garlic sauce, pan fried scallops, kung po delight, Szechuan shrimp.

There are a number of healthy choice specials, chef specials, and daily combination specials as well.

Price guide: Appetizers $3.25-6.25  Soup $2.95-4.75  Chowmein  Pint $3.50-8.50  Quart $6.25-8.50 Egg Foo Young $5.75-6.50, Fried Rice $3.50-3.75/pint  $6.50-6.75/quart.  Beef dishes $8.75  Poultry dishes $8.75  Pork dishes $8.25-8.75  Seafood dishes $9.25

What We ordered: Sesame Chicken.  Spicy, but absolutely delicious! Best sesame chicken I’ve had anywhere!! Large chunks of white meat chicken, plenty of sauce and garnished with peppers and carrots.









































Pork fried rice.  Amazing! Loaded with chunks of meat, fried egg, and other veggies. Excellent flavor and texture.











































Cream Cheese wontons.  Crispy, hot.  Excellent flavor!
























Service: Fast and friendly.  Order and pay at the counter.  Tai Pan now accepts major credit cards.

Overall Impression: Best sesame chicken and hot and sour soup that you will find! I very much missed my favorite chinese restaurant and thankful they have reopened after sucha  long time.  The food was just as excellent as it always was!

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  11 Responses to “Tai Pan Chinese Restaurant- Vadnais Heights, MN”

  1. Taipan, again, is being forced out of business. Platinum Properties, the shopping center owner, is not renewing the lease. According to what I understand, a nation-wide sub shop is going in to the location. It is called Jersey Mike’s.

    Taipan has been at this location since about October of 2007. This is a small business that employs five people, pays rent, pays property taxes (appears to do everything a small business should), but is being bullied out. I don’t quite understand why. It was forced out of its old location and re-opened in the present location.

    Now it is happening again.

    If anyone wished to call Platinum Properties, the phone number is 952-945-9200.

  2. I worked at Tai Pan as a teen. Chuck is an amazing cook and to me his food is food for my soul. I am so glad this place is back and the food is as good as I remember.
    Some of the best things:
    Moo Goo Gai Pan, Fried Rice, Chow Mein, Seasame Chicken, Lo Mein, and the homemade sweet and sour sauce with both the egg rolls and cream cheese won tons!!!

  3. Hello, I thnk their food is okay. I wouldn’t say it’s the BEST chinese food i’ve had but it’s okay! hot and sour soup if you looking for the BEST hot and sour soup go to Great Moon Buffet :) MMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMM!!! here their soup is toooooo thick. and very small portions compared to alot of other places!!!!!

  4. I’m always looking for good chow mein and fried rice and theirs is the best! Fast take-out service – which is always good!

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    I really like your recipes and everything, way to go!

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  6. great food also, the cleanest chinese restaurant in the world

  7. OoooO Cream cheese wontons. I’m definitely not a fan of the decor but their food looks appetising. =)

  8. I was so disappointed when Tai Pan closed. Imagine my surprize when I accidently found them again. I stopped in immedicately and ordered my favorite, Kung Pao Chicken. No one makes it like Tai Pan! It was just as wonderful as ever! I tried it at many different locations and have never been able to find anyone that made it like Tai Pan. Welcome back!

    • does anyone know taipans new phone number id love to call and place a order however supposly they moved but not sure where now I love there food is best in town!!!!!!!:)

  9. Tai Pai has the Best Chinese Food Around!!! Best Chow Mein, Best Fried Rice, Food All Best Around!! Highly recommended!!!

  10. Totally have to agree with you!
    Thanks for your reviews!

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