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Cuisine: American,
Restaurant Features: Bar,

Location: Stillwater, MN
Address: 302 Main St S  Stillwater, MN
55082-5126 Phone: (651) 439-9902
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Atmosphere:Long and narrow with a long bar spanning the length of the space, the atmosphere in Whitey’s Saloon seems much more that of a bar than a restaurant.  There are several big windows, however, that brighten the restaurant during daytime hours. There are about a dozen tables total (bar height and regular height), each sitting up to 4 people.














Menu: Appetizers include Buffalo Wings, Chicken or Veggie Quesadillas, Crab Cakes, Baked Brie, Hummus and Tapenade, Artichoke and Crab Dip, Nachos, Walleye Strips, and Beef or Tuna Tataki.

Sandwiches include Slow Roasted Beef, Grilled Tuna, Grilled Portabello Mushroom, Hot Pastrami, Hamburger or Turkey Burger, Clubhouse, B.L.T, Sliced Beef Tenderloin, Grilled Cheese, Tuna Melt, Reuben, Grilled Chicken, BBQ chicken or Pulled Pork, Meatloaf, Walleye or Hot Italian Sausage.  Salads include Caesar, Cobb, Fajita, Greek chicken, Sirloin and Asian chicken.

Entrees include Chicken Enchiladas, Meatloaf Dinner, Veggie Burrito, Baked Italian Sausage Penne, Chicken Kabobs, Cajun Pork Chop, Filet Mignon and Walleye.

Price guide: Appetizers  $ 8-10 Sandwiches $7-9  Salads $7-9 Entrees $9-15

What I ordered: Veggie burrito with chicken.  Probably not the best choice to order at an American saloon, but I was in the mood for Mexican, what can I say??!!  The server recommended this over the chicken enchiladas.  They did not offer a chicken burrito on the menu, but they were more than willing to add chicken to their veggie burrito for me.  I was disappointed that the burrito did not come with black beans as the menu stated, and the rice didn’t have a ton of flavor.  I enjoyed the spinach and the grilled chicken was also good (although it wasn’t marinated and didn’t have any special seasonings).  The guacamole and salsa were fresh, both made with cilantro.  Overall the burrito was decent, but not anything special.  It definitely needed the salsa and guacamole to give it flavor!













My one of my companions ordered the buffalo wings.  They were good, although the sauce was on the mild side.  Texture of the chicken was not crispy, but rather soggy and chewy.  The bleu cheese dressing had good flavor but was really watered down and lacked chunks of bleu cheese.














Another companion ordered the veggie quesadilla that was packed full of cheese, black bean paste, spinach and tomatoes.  The tortilla was crispy and overall the quesadilla was very, very good.














Another companion ordered the Club sandwich.  This may have been the most popular item ordered by our group!  The toasted bread had great texture and was buttery, the bacon was thick and crisp.  French fries were nice and crispy as well.













And another companion ordered the BLT sandwich.  Besides coming with a ton of crispy fries, the sandwich was also buttery and had really good, thick, crisp bacon and fresh lettuce and tomatoes.














Service: We were able to be seated immediately however all of the tables in the restaurant are configured for a maximum of 4 people.  We had to put two little tables together in a corner in order to get our party of 7 to fit. The waitress was nice but despite how slow the restaurant was, it took quite some time for the server to check on us and bring us refills on our drinks.

Overall Impression: Decent food at a reasonable price.  Nothing fancy about the atmosphere, but located in a great spot downtown Stillwater.  Parking is hard to find, so you can expect to walk a block or two.
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  1. We stopped here after walking around downtown Stillwater for a nice place to eat. Lots of choices but we ended up here – pretty small bar and restaraunt – hole in the wall. My bf got the pulled pork sandwhich and I got the slow cooked roast beef sandwhich. Both were very good. The roast beef was the best thing we’ve both ever eaten! Highly recommend this.

  2. You gotta get one person in your group to try the meatloaf it’s a huge portion with homemade mashed spuds. Also the asian beef apps are really good.
    And it’s on main street in stillwater so the people watching is fantastic

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