Feb 202008

Cuisine: American
Restaurant Features: On-Site Parking

Location: St Paul, MN
Address: 193 South Robert Street St Paul, MN  55107 651-228-1526   Hours Sunday 8am-12:30pm  Monday 8am-2:30pm Tuesday-Friday 6am-2:30pm  Saturday 7am-1:30pm
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Atmosphere: Homey and well-lit, the Backstreet Grill offers both tables and booths


Menu: Sandwiches include fish, grilled chicken, BBQ chicken, Buffalo chicken, grilled ham and cheese, Reuben or Rachael, French dip, BLT, Hot roast beef, meatloaf, turkey, and egg salad.

The Backstreet Grill also has several hamburgers, chicken wings, and pasta (spaghetti, mostaccioli, lasagna, chicken alfredo, pasta primavera, and chicken cacciatore.

Entrees include fried cod, roast beef, meatloaf and chicken.

Backstreet Grill is also known for their famous malts and giant cookies.

Price guide: Sandwiches $4.25-6.25  Burgers $3.95-6.75  Pasta $6.50  Entrees $7.95-8.95
What I ordered: I ordered one of the daily specials: grilled turkey with Muenster and tomato, with a side of potato salad. It was very good! The rye bread they used was light and grilled perfectly.  The potato salad had a nice sweet hint to it…with onion and mustard too.


My companion ordered a cheeseburger and thought it was pretty good.  The fries were crispy and were plentiful.


Service: Friendly and fast.  Our server boasted about everything on the menu and stated that she had worked their 20 years! Senior citizens also receive 10% of their bill.
Overall Impression: Fast, friendly and inexpensive! I'd like to get my hands on a breakfast menu and try it out.  Not sure why this place isn't open for dinner?

  2 Responses to “Backstreet Grill ~ St Paul, MN”

  1. Had a bacon cheeseburger with fries. The special was a cheeseburger with fries. When the food was served, the bueger was fresh and hot, bacon was hard to chew. Don’t know how old the fries were but they were tough and dried out. Usually the food is good, not so today. Very disappointed.

  2. The cod is always fresh and light. You can’t be the prices or service. I LOVE IT!
    Brian R Callahan
    ST Paul, MN

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