Feb 152008

Cuisine: Brazilian Steakhouse, Steaks, Chops, Ribs, Etc
Restaurant Features: Bar, All-You Can Eat, Lunch Buffet, Dinner Buffet

Location: Downtown Minneapolis
Address: 645 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55403  612-338-1344
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Atmosphere: One look at the authentically-dressed Gaochos serving the fabulous meats and you might think you are truly in Brazil! Fogo de Chao has a very large, open dining room with several tables surrounding a fabulous salad bar in the middle.  The lighting is dim and romantic perfect for a low-key dinner or a special occasion with a group of friends. There is also  a  bar/lounge area with additional bistro tables .   Fogosaladbar1000


Menu: The concept of Fogo de Chao is one sure to satisfy any carnivore: both the lunch and dinner menus feature  15 different  cuts of fire-roasted meats (beef, chicken, pork, lamb).  Each person gets a token that is red on one side, green on the other.  When you are ready for the Gaochos to serve you meat, turn your card to green.  As they walk by with the skewers of meat, they will ask you if you want to try this, or that. Turn it to red when you’d like a break.  There are also unlimited trips to an amazing buffet serving fresh vegetables and fancy salads.  A variety of Brazilian side dishes are also served continuously throughout the meal.
Price guide: $45 per person, drinks excluded.
What I tried: The complimentary rolls that Fogo serves are unlike any I have tried anywhere else; they have a light texture, but with the cheese infused into the dough.  Served warm, these treats are heavenly and small enough to eat several!


Fogo has the most amazing salad bar!!! I especially loved the whole marinated artichoke hearts.


I tried just about everything (except lamb).
The evening I visited also happened to be in honor of my birthday.  Fogo was happy to give me a special complimentary dessert (I chose the 5 layer chocolate mousse cake)

Service: Amazing.  Can’t ask for better!
Overall Impression: Not only is Fogo de Chao a carnivore’s dream, they also have the best salad bar… Be prepared to be stuffed out of your mind.  Service was wonderful.  A very good value for all that you get.  Perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or to dine out-of-town guests.  I can’t wait to go back.
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  13 Responses to “Fogo de Chão- Minneapolis, MN”

  1. This is a fabulous restaurant, the review says it all, we have eaten there numerous times, from special occasions to work team meetings. My wife is not a carnivore as I am and loves the expansive salad bar. Service is outstanding, on par with the Cap Grille and Manny’s but at less cost and great great food, their beef ribs are their best item.

  2. Hoping to get over to have a nice dinner.

  3. Do you have any coupon specials for first time customer? I would like to come this weekend.

  4. This really a nice place to go…surely people will come and visit..thanks for the post…

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  5. Not being a huge meat fan I still love going to Fogo. I just order the salad bar only which is an option and totally fills me up. That and the “to-die-for” complimentary rolls (soooo yummy).

  6. Coming in town from Cleveland (7 people) and will be having dinner there with my family for Father’s Day. Do you have any coupons?

  7. I was wondering if you have any discount coupons for your resturant. We will be celebrating two retirements and one birthday this coming weekend. Please advise as soon as possible. Thank you. We love your resturant, something for everyone.

  8. Do you have any discount coupons? We are coming in Saturday Feb. 5th for 2 40th birthdays.

  9. We’ll be heading to Brazil next year for our world tour as one of the requirement in our class in Hotel and Restaurant Management. I think Fogo will be in our list to be consider. See you soon!

  10. Do you have any discount coupons available? Do you offer anything when it’s someone’s birthday? Thank you.

  11. We just went here last weekend for the 2nd time and again, it was nothing shy of fabulous! Those little cheese biscuits are so addictive.

  12. My finace is heading to Fogo de Chao for his bachelor party this weekend. I think he will be very happy to attempt to overdose on meat.
    Sounds like a fun place!

  13. we went to Fogo de Chao on May 19th to celebrate a special occassion. Asked for a table off to the side. We were directed to a corner table which they referred to as the Kobe Bryant table since he had been served at that table on a previous occassion
    Our food was excellent, I especially favored the ribeye steak and lamb chops.
    The service was exceptional. Will definitely be going back.

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