Mar 242008

Cuisine: American, Steaks, Fish & Seafood
Restaurant Features: Bar, Games, On-Site Parking

Location: Maple Grove, MN
Address: 11780 Fountains Way Maple Grove, MN 55369   763-493-9815
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Atmosphere: The
restaurant itself is a decent size, especially when combined with the
bar area, which also serves food.  The bar had several flat-screen TV’s
mounted above it, showing popular sporting events.


Beyond the restaurant and bar area is a giant arcade with everything
from old-school favorites like skeeball to recent hits like Deal or No
Deal.  Get physical with games like Dance, Dance Evolution or try one
of the Trivia Video Games.  Shown here is a horse racing game.


Menu: Appetizers
include Philly Steak Rolls, Cheese Fries. Cheese Sticks, Fried
Mushrooms, Spinach Dip, Buffalo Wings, Thai Chicken Dippers, Bar
Burgers, Potato Skins, Nachos

Burgers and sandwiches include Grilled Chicken and Cheddar, Roasted
Turkey Avocado, Philly or Chicken Cheesesteak, Buffalo Chicken Wrapper,
Buffalo Bar Chicks,

California Bar Burgers, Garden Burger and several other burgers.

Entrees include Lacy’s Chicken, Black Jack BBQ Chicken or Ribs,
Chicken Fingers, a large selection of Ribeyes and Sirloins, Grilled
Salmon, Fried Shrimp, Blackened Tilapia, Fried Catfish, Fish &
Chips, Cajun Shrimp Alfredo, Parmesan Chicken Alfredo, Chicken
Marinara, and Blackened Chicken Pasta.

There is also a large selection of salads and soups.

Price guide: Appetizers $6-10  Sandwiches & Burgers $ 8-10  Entrees $ 10-25
What We ordered: We started off with the tempura fried mushrooms.  Lightly breaded and crispy.


I ordered the Buffalo Bar Chicks. I think maybe part of the purpose
of the smaller sandwiches is to make these easier to eat and less
messy.  The sauce was standard spicy buffalo sauce, with bleu cheese
dressing, fresh lettuce & tomato served on a warm roll.  I thought
it was pretty good.


One of my companions ordered the Sirloin, served with loaded mashed
potatoes and crispy onions.  The steak had really good flavor and the
onions and potatoes were a  nice compliment in flavor and texture.


Another companion ordered the
Atlantic Salmon fillet grilled and glazed with a Hawaiian ginger sesame
sauce. Served with citrus rice and sautéed green beans.  I did not try,
but it looked fabulous!


Another companion ordered the Mushroom & Swiss Burger.  The burger was quite large, as was the bun it was served on.


Since our visit was in celebration of a birthday, Dave & Buster’s gave us this complimentary brownie dessert.


Another companion ordered the Banana’s Foster dessert


Service: The
restaurant was very busy and every table was packed with people, so the
service was kind of slow.  After dinner we attempted to play a few
games, but found it very difficult to get started.  First we had to go
somewhere to get a plastic card and then we had to go somewhere else to
put money on the plastic card.  It was pretty much impossible to share
the card because you had to physically have it with you to swipe it in
the card slot.  One of us attempted to play a bowling game, but
discovered the $5 only covered 5 frames of bowling.  I thought that was
absolutely ridiculous! The arcade was very busy since it was a Friday
night and the fun, popular games that I would’ve liked to play had
Overall Impression: The restaurant had good food, but the arcade was overpriced.  Cool place if you’re into video games (I am not.)

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  One Response to “Dave & Buster’s ~ Maple Grove, MN”

  1. My hubby and i discovered Dave and Busters a few months ago, i knew it got packed on Friday and Saturday nights, not that i am opposed to crowds i just normally can’t stand obnoxious drunkurd crowds which alcohol and arcade/competitive game play typically brings out a wad load of jerks. so hubby an di went threre on a quiet wednesday afternoon for an early dinner. it was very spotaneous and quite dead in there.

    arcade games were free to use, there were only 3 other tables being waited on, and i’d say maybe 2-3 people in the bar area. we got the game play combo which was pretty expensive (20 bucks per person) I got a jerk chicken thing (which was dry and the side of potatoes were very sticky, gluey looking, and bland. the steamed veggies were excellent. i ordered a coke.

    my hubby also ordered a coke, and i think some sort of burger that he was neither impressed or repulsed by.

    the games were a lot of fun, we spent about 2.5 hours in Dave and Busters maybe 45 mins to eat the rest of the time was playing games. it sucks that not all of the games are ticket friendly… we had a hard time choosing if we wanted to blow through the game cards on the expensive “fun” games, or if we wanted to chew away at the lesser fun games and collect tickets… well, we choose a few “Fun” games and then used the rest of it on the ticket games (over 1000 tickets were won) we looked through their selection of “prizes” which were crap unless you had like 14K or 20K tickets. (most of the stuff you can buy at a store a lot cheaper than it would take for you to rack up the tickets)

    we saved the ticket total on one card with the reassurance that it won’t expire. a few weeks later we got an email for a free $10 game play we went on a tueday to redeem and decided to stay and play (we did not eat anything) they had some new games which were really really cool, but all the games were so very expensive! and then we realized our first visit was on “half priced wednesday”… so needless to say we will only being going to D&B on a wednesday…

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