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**A newer review of Khan’s Mongolian was published on 1/7/12 and can be found here**

Cuisine: Asian, Mongolian, On-Site Parking
Restaurant Features: Bar, Lunch Buffet, Dinner Buffet, On-Site Parking

Locations: Coon Rapids,  Richfield, Roseville
Addresses and Maps:

Coon Rapids2085 Northdale Blvd NW Coon Rapids, MN 55433 (763) 767-3018
Richfield500 E 78th St Richfield, MN 55423 (612) 861-7991

Roseville- 2720 Snelling Ave N. Roseville, MN 55113 (651) 631-3398


Atmosphere: There are several small dining areas situated around the restaurant, made a little more private with the creative use of live plants.  The dining areas all surround the centrally-located meat and vegetable buffets.  All seating is limited to tables, but there is at least one dining space that allows for tables to be pushed together for larger parties.


Within the restaurant there is a small bar area to accommodate patrons who may have to wait for a table on a busy night, or for those who would like to try one of the specialty tropical drinks or wines.


Menu: The concept of Khan’s is one that allows diners to customize their own stir-fry dishes.  Patrons choose from a buffet containing a variety of sliced frozen meats (beef, chicken, pork, lamb, shrimp and imitation crab).  You take a bowl, fill it with the meats and noodles of your choosing, and then move down to the vegetable line where you can choose from a large selection of fresh vegetables to be used in your custom stir-fry.


After filling your bowl with your preferred meats and vegetables, you then add sauces to flavor your stir-fry, such as Garlic Sauce, Cooking Wine, House Sauce, Dragon Sauce, Teriyaki, Curry, Lobster Sauce.  There is a sign over the sauce bar that suggests which sauces and flavorings you should choose, depending on how spicy you would like it.  After you have your bowl filled with meats, noodle, vegetables and sauces, you take it to the Barbeque Area, where  your stir-fry is cooked right in front of you.


Price guide: $15 All-You-Can-Eat Buffet or $10 for a single plate
What I ordered: Everyone receives an appetizer as part of the cost of the buffet.  There is Hot and Sour Soup, a Fried Wonton, and a tender BBQ Marinated Chicken Wing.


My first plate consisted of beef, thin noodles, peppers, zucchini, broccoli, onion, carrot, and pineapple.  I love spicy and flavorful food, so I used a ton of the garlic sauce, fresh cilantro, several scoops of the dragon Sauce, cooking wine, house sauce and teriyaki.  It was delicious!! I have been to Khan’s several times and have finally figured out the amount and combination of sauces that I like the best.  One thing i have noticed is that it seems safe to go a little overboard with the sauces, because a lot of the moisture is cooked out and the noodles also absorb a lot of sauce.  Despite how much spicy Dragon Sauce I added, it wasn’t as hot as I like it.  The best part is that if you don’t care for your stir-fry, you can always go back to the Buffet line and start over with a new combination!


Sticky Buns are also served with dinner, a dough-like pastry filled with a buttery cinnamon/sugar sauce.  I did not try this because I was already too full from the other good stuff!


Service: Our server was very friendly and prompt, kept drinks refilled and removed dirty plates in a very timely fashion.  It can get extremely busy on weekend evenings, so it is a good idea to call-ahead for a reservation, especially if you plan to have a party larger than four.
Overall Impression: If you enjoy stir-fry, Khan’s is your place! The endless trips to the buffet for only $15 is a great deal.

  11 Responses to “Khan’s Mongolian Barbeque- Richfield, Roseville, Coon Rapids, MN”

  1. The food was terrific and the atmosphere was fun and different from most restaurants. I am msg and gluten-free and they helped me with my sauces and cleaned the giant gores for me because of my food allergies.

  2. I asked to please keep my food separate from the meat , the guy shook his head, put my food on the gril and proceeded to mix my food with the same sticks as all of the rest of the food on the grill. There should be separate utensils for people with food allergies or requests. I could not eat all of my food because it was a lot. I asked for a to go container and was told they have none. I said what do you mean you have none? waitress responded, this is a buffet so you can not take it to go. I only got the one bowl, I did not get the all you can eat. I paid for the one bowl , I should be allowed to take the food I paid for but could not finish in one sitting. to my understanding all you can eat is $15, one bowl is $10. I totally understand no to go boxes for all you can eat. but I did not get why I couldn’t take my leftovers. this restaurant is a waste of food, money, and did not accommodate my food allergies and requests. very disappointed and will never return. I guess if you eat a lot at one time and no cooking requests this place is for you.

  3. The resturant was not friendly. When you sat down no one told you what to do. The worst part – it was not clean. Floors had food spilled everywhere. Food was spilled on the buffet bar. It’s not easy to eat at a place when it’s dirty.

    Why did you change the appetizers? The chicken wings were what we went for. Please bring them back.

  4. I’ve always like Khan’s and have been going there for years. I also do not like the appetizer change, though!! I LOVE the hot & sour soup and now it’s gone. :-( Also, I have noticed that the restaurant in general is just not as clean as it used to be. Floors are in dire need of vaccuum and the place just looks a bit run down. Hope that changes – atmosphere is important!

  5. Khan’s has done away with chicken wings as an appetizer–at least Roseville. They now cost 95 cents each. I am very disappointed. I LOVE those chicken wings. BRING ‘EM BACK, PLEASE!!!

  6. The Sticky Buns are the best part of the meal, if not the best new thing I have had in the past few years.

  7. Not being a very good cook myself I always get nervous making my Khan’s creations. However, the staff is more than willing to help you add sauces to your liking plus there is a step by step board telling you what sauces to add based on your taste preferences. The honey sesame buns are very very yummy too!

  8. The restaurant looks very nice. I like Mongolian food where i can select which meat and vegetables to go into my plate. The dish looks yummy!

  9. I will agree that the food was very tasty and an employee was nice enough to help me with the sauce combo. However, aside from the sauce girl and I think the manager, I found service lacking. No one smiled, it didn’t seem very friendly. When we walked in there wasn’t anyone at the hostess station to seat us, I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to wait or just dig in. That also was a recurring problem. Most people I saw come in had to wait until the manager finally noticed and one party finally just gave up and left.

    But the food was good. I’m just hoping the owner reads this and fixes what is wrong.

  10. oo those mongolians.. they sure know how to cook a bbq

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