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Cuisine: Authentic Mexican
Restaurant Features: Bar (Beer only)
Location: St Paul, MN
Address: 868 East 7th Street St Paul, MN 55106 (651) 774-7547

*This restaurant formerly went by the name of Cafe del Sol (same food and owners as far as I know)
Hours: 9am-10pm Daily
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Atmosphere: La Cabaña is located on East 7th Street, less than one mile from Metropolitan State University.  The restaurant is on the smaller side, with room to seat around 24-30 people.  The wooden tables are all stained a deep brown and are each topped with a vase of silk roses.  The paintings on the wall depict life in Mexico.


Menu: Breakfast items include Huevos Rancheros, Huevos con Chorizo, Huevos con Bistek (eggs with steak), Huevos a la Mexicana, Huevos con Jamon (eggs with ham), Chilaquiles (red or green) Con Huevos.

Appetizers include Nachos, Super Nachos, Empanadas, Tacos Fritos, Sopes, Tostada.

Tacos include Soft Shell (corn) with cilantro and onions, American Taco with lettuce, tomato, sour cream and cheese, or Taco Frito hard-shell corn taco.  Meat choices are Asada (steak), Pastor (bbq pork), Pollo (chicken), Lengua (beef tongue), or Carnitas (pork).

Burritos include Super Burrito, Burrito Dinner (with rice and beans), Veggie Burrito, or Chimichanga.

Mariscos (Seafood) options are the Tostada de Ceviche, Aquacil, Ostiones (oysters), Fish Tacos, Pescado Empanisados, Shrimp Tacos, Shrimp Quesadilla, Shrimp Cocktail, Campechana 9octopus and shrimp or oysters and shrimp), Mojarra Frita (deep fried fish), Mojarra a la Veracruzana (fish with vegetables), Mojarra al Mojo de Ajo (fish with garlic), Mojarra ala Diabla (fish in spicy sauce), Fillete de Pescado (fish fillet).

Other entrees include Cecina, Puerco en Salsa (red or green), Chile Relleno, Steak or Chicken Americano, Flautas, Chicken in Mole sauce, Milanesa (breaded steak), Pollo Diabla (Spicy Chicken), Pollo Encebollado.

Fajitas include Shrimp, Chicken, beef, or Combo.

Desserts offed at La Cabaña are Flan, Cheese Cake and Ice Cream.

Price guide: $2 Tacos  Appetizers $4-7   Entrees $8-15
What I ordered: This was my first visit to La Cabaña, a solo trip over my lunch hour.  I ordered three different tacos ala carte, because I wanted to try each of the meats.  First I tried the Crispy Chicken (Taco al Frito) which is listed on the appetizer section of the menu.  The taco had an excellent crunch and seemed to be slightly thicker than ordinary hard shells and much more sturdy.  I was happy that the shell didn’t break or crumble on me (don’t you hate it when that happens?!)  The chicken was marinated white meat that had been cut into small pieces. Taco came with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream.  Even better with fresh homemade Salsa Verde.  Next I tried the authentic Carnitas (pork) Taco (pictured on left).  Unlike most carnitas, the pork was not shredded, but cut into small bites and had sauteed onions mixed in with meat.  As customary, the meat was nestled on top of two small corn tortillas.  The flavor was mild as most carnitas are, and the chopped onions and fresh cilantro on  gave it a traditional taste.  Last I tried the Tacos de Asada (steak), which turned out to be a disappointment.  The meat was tough, dry, and fatty, very unlike the chicken and pork.  After one bad bite, another followed; this pattern continued until I gave up on the Asada tacos at La Cabaña.


Service: I wanted my food to-go, so I ordered and paid for it at the hostess stand/counter.  The server was very nice and although she seemed to speak a limited amount of English, she did a great job of keeping my order straight.
Overall Impression: Cute atmosphere.  Large menu, with an impressive selection of Seafood items. Tacos are good but I’d skip the Asada.
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  1. These guys have the best soup “Caldo de Res” (Beef soup) reminds me of what my grandmother and mother used to make. Its a beef roast with carrots, potatos, cabbage and such. It has a great broth and is served with rice that you put in the soup, and sides of cilantro, jalapeno, onion and lime. I have brought several friends here and they call it Mexican Pho. Its a must have.

  2. Buena comida, nos ha gustado. Quesadilla y mariscos, que rico. Vamos a ir para ya de vuelta la proxima vez cuando estamos cercitos, besitos

  3. Toda la comida que cocinan esta bien sabrosa especialmente las todas las salsa.

  4. Wow what an impressive menu they have, for a sit down or take away and the food looks amazing, I have yet to have true Mexican food as in South Africa its not really found but when I do one day get a chance to go to Mexico or the States, this one of the foods that I will be trying out first.

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