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Cuisine: Authentic Mexican

Restaurant Features: Bar (Beer), Counter Service

Location: St Paul, MN

Addresses & Maps:

St Paul– 927 Payne Ave St Paul, MN 55130 (651) 776-6300

Sister Restaurants:

La Loma Coffee Shop– 1515 E. Lake Street Minneapolis, MN 55407 (612) 728-5437

La Loma Tamales, Minneapolis– Midtown Global Market ( Lake St & 10th Ave).  Serves Breakfast, Tamales and Fruit Smoothies

Hours: Daily 8am-8pm

Links: La Loma Website


Atmosphere: The St Paul location of La Loma restaurant is located within the Plaza Latina on Payne Ave.  The restaurant’s space is big and open, with great natural lighting from all the windows.  There is a large counter for customers to place food order, and several small round tables throughout the restaurant, seating around 30-40.


Attached to the restaurant in the back is a store that sells a variety of Mexican Imports (mostly clothes).


Menu: Breakfast Items include Huevos Ranchers, Huevos ala Mexicana, Huevos con Chorizo, Huevos con Jamon (ham), and Huevos con Salchicha (breakfast sausage).

Tamales are what La Loma is known for.  Chicken, Pork, Vegetarian, Sweet Corn or Oazaque ño.

Tacos are served on double corn tortillas with cilantro and onions and choice of meats: Pollo (chicken), Asada (steak), Chicharon (pork rinds), Pastor (marinated pork), Lengua (tongue), Chorizo (Mexican sausage), Cecinas (smoked meat), Carnitas (pork), Tripe (stomach).

Tortas (sandwiches) options include Pollo, Milanesa (breaded steak), Cecina, Hawaiian, Chorizo and the Cubano.

Chilaquiles choices include Carne, Carne Y Huevos.  Enchiladas with choice of meat.

Entree Plates- Bistec con Queso, Burrito con Carne (choice of meat), Quesdailla, Tostada con Carne, Plato de Guisado (stew).

La Loma also has Menudo and Pozole de Puerco.

Price guide: Breakfast $3-4  Tamales & Tacos $2  Tortas $5-8  Entrees $6-9

What I ordered: For my lunch I ordered a Chicken Taco, Carnitas Taco, and Steak Enchilada.  The Chicken Taco had tender, bite-sized pieces of white meat chicken.  The meat was tender but didn’t have much flavor.  Served on double-layered mini corn tortillas and topped with cilantro and onions.  The salsa verde that was served on the side was on the mild side, so it only added a little more flavor.  Normally with an authentic taco you would not need to add these things, but I think the chicken tacos would be much tastier with cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole or a spicier chile.  The carnitas taco was much more flavorful than the chicken, but the shredded pork was somewhat dry and slightly fatty.  The Steak enchilada had lean strips of steak rolled in a corn tortilla and then covered in a tongue-tingling spicy green sauce, with shredded Mexican cheese on top.  It was good and would be even better with melted cheese inside.


Service: The woman working the counter was very nice.  It took 5-10 minutes for my order to be ready, which I asked for To-Go.  It was slightly busy with a handful of customers filing in around noon.

Overall Impression: Prices are very reasonable, service is good.  I thought the food was decent but would like to try breakfast or dinner before truly recommending.

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