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Cuisine: Chinese, Mongolian
Restaurant Features: Catering, Lunch Buffet, Dinner Buffet, On-Site Parking. Take-Out
Locations: Woodbury, MN
Address: 8340 City Centre Dr (Woodbury City Centre) Woodbury, MN 55125 (651)730-8668

Hours: Lunch Mon-Sat 11am-3pm     Dinner Mon-Thur 4p-9:30p                 Fri-Sun 4p-10p    Sunday & Holiday Brunch 11:30a-3p
Links: Google Map Atlantic Buffet Website

Atmosphere: The Atlantic Buffet is located within a large strip mall called Woodbury City Centre.  When you first walk inside the reception/lobby area, the Atlantic Buffet in Woodbury has a cute little mini-pond set up with Koi swimming around inside, and live plants arranged around it.  The main dining room is arranged into at least two dining areas on half of the large space, the other half of the restaurant has all the Buffet Islands set up.  The dining areas  contain both tables and booths and have a contemporary feel.

Atlanticbuffet-dining100 Atlanticbuffet-diningbooths1000

Here is a glimpse of the Buffets Islands (I think there were 6-8 of them).


In the way back of the Buffet Islands there is an additional area set up for the Mongolian Stir-Fry.  You can choose your own ingredients and then you have the chef ccok it for you on the Mongolian BBQ.


Menu: The items on the buffet change frequently, but there are over 100 items, including a decent selection of Chinese foods, Sushi, American foods, Seafood, and build-your-own Mongolian Stir-Fry.  There is also a dessert and fruits table, and salad bar.

There is also a full Chinese Take-Out menu available.
Price guide:

  • Lunch Buffet  Kids 3-6 $4.25 Kids 7-11 $5.50 Adults $8.25
  • Dinner Buffet  Kids 3-6 $5.75  Kids 7-11 $7.25  Adults $12.50

What I ordered: There were many food items at Atlantic Buffet and I was determined to try a little of this and a little of that.  Here is my Chinese/Sushi plate.  The cheesy mushrooms were very good, as were the steamed dumplings and cream cheese wontons.  The few bites I tried of the chicken & Broccoli stir-fry were okay, but I did not care for the other meat entree I tried (not sure what it was but the meat was stringy and chewy).  The sushi was decent although there wasn’t a large variety to choose from, mostly California Rolls or Salmon/Avocado Rolls.


I made my own Mongolian stir-fry which was my most favorite dish at the Atlantic Buffet.  I chose the ingredients I wanted at the Mongolian BBQ station (Beef, Broccoli, Pineapple, Onions and Noodles) and figured out my own combination of sauces (there was no guide to help!) which included cooking wine, teriyaki, garlic, chile peppers, and sesame seeds.  I have found that the more sauce you put on, the better it tastes because the noodles and vegetables soak it right up.


I tried just a few items on my Seafood Plate, including tiny mussels (pretty good, not too chewy or rubbery) that were cooked in a fish sauce.  The salmon was okay and I also tried a bite of Halibut.


For the sake of this review I also made a Dessert Plate.  Nothing too exciting here but the rice krispie bar and almond cookies were good.  They also have soft-serve ice cream.


Service: We were greeted upon entering and were shown to a table right away.  Drinks were fast and continuous throughout our visit, as was the clearing of plates.
Overall Impression: Wide variety and selection of foods for the price.  The Mongolian BBQ and Seafood Buffet offered the best choices, but I thought the quality of the the Chinese food was just mediocre.

  19 Responses to “Atlantic Buffet ~ Woodbury, MN”

  1. Good selection, HORRIBLE SERVICE with an “I could care less” on the part of the management. On my last and final visit, I got there about 8:30 pm with my family. Many of the food trays were empty or “old looking”. I made several requests with employees that the empty containers be filled. I got a lot of “I’ll get right on it” but no action, I found the manager and suggested that since only half of the food was out, it would only be fair to charge me and the rest of the patrons half price. He rudely refused. We left never to return. Good Riddance!


      That place was horrible and the service was rude.
      Obviously the writer was paid by them or they knew he was coming and was on their best behavior and made fresh food.
      I went thereand got food poisoning. And they begged for bigger tips. The stir fry guy said NO MORE STIRFRY at my second plate because I didn’t tip him the first time.
      0 out of 5. Hopefully they are closed for good.

  3. The food is disgusting. Tasteless. The whole atmosphere seems like an assembly line. The host was terrible, the waiters are crooks. Watch your stuff like a hawk when you are here.

  4. I live close and end up here a lot. Great selection, good mongolian grill… Food is always mediocre temperature, service is terrible (have also had a waitress repeatedly beg us to leave a tip), host/ess is f*ing terrible. Screwed up my to go order once and told me they would give me a free egg roll but didn’t need name or number–clearly never got that egg roll. As for the buffet though, as good as you should expect from buffet. Delicious for the lunch price, good enough for the dinner. I’ve had far worse and will continue to frequent this place compared to the available places out here.

    • why would they need to beg for tips?? they serve u didn’t they ??
      stop being so fu#king cheap and tip the waitress… u dont’ feel like tipping get fu3king take out or go somewhere else ..

      • f**k off dude. I was there too and the waitress was completely rude, never gave me a refill, never removed my plate, and at the end said it was a 20% tip.

  5. I’ve been to the Woodbury location a few times, my sister and I went one night at about 8:30, the door says it’s open til 10 and when we got there, there was barely 2 pieces of anything in every pan. They didn’t refill any of the food and surprisingly there were a lot of people in the restaurant for it to be so late. We each took a half of plate of food because there wasn’t more to choose from. We didn’t even go back for a second because what we did have was cold, old and hard from sitting out so long. We went to use the BBQ part thinking well that would be fresh and no one was there to help and they had already cleaned everything out of it. They all saw how much we ate and I asked if we could just leave then and pay for the drink since there was no food out and they said no. The waitress tried telling me the food was fresh which it was not. There was no food in the pan for it to be fresh. It was disgusting and I could not believe they made us pay $12.50 for a half eaten plate of cold, old, hard and disgusting food. I will not go back.

  6. My husband and I go to Atlantic Buffet at least a couple of times a month in Woodbury and we’re always pretty happy with the service and the food. The MB is always fresh as they cook it in front of you so it’s guaranteed to be hot. Over all two thumbs up!

  7. The food at the Atlantic Buffet in Woodbury was disgusting! The shrimp is not deveined, including the breaded shrimp. Everything is cold. The sweet and sour sauce had an odd chemical/burnt taste that I couldn’t and wouldn’t eat. The mongolian stir-fry was dirty looking and half the things weren’t labeled and
    the other half, the labels were so worn off, you couldn’t read them. The guy doing the stir-frying squirted so much tap water (I saw him refill the bottle from the sink) on my stir fry that it tasted so watered down that I couldn’t eat that either. Everything looked dirty and old. The service was not friendly. What a waste of money!! Glad I at least had a coupon for 15% off, which the host was not too thrilled about. My family and I will never go back there again!!

  8. The service is horrible. I went to pay and the waitress asked for tip. She said “no tip?” I said no. She asked again I said no. She then ask a third time. I gave up and gave $3 tip. Their services weren’t even good. Took my plate even though I wasn’t finish. Two waitresses were looking at my siblings and was laughing at us.

  9. I’ll agree that the Atlantic Buffet does have a lot of selection of different foods. Convenient, and tasty (though not always that hot…but that is true for all restaurants these days).

    My favorite photo is the last one, with all those goodies. :) Yum!

  10. I go to the one in Woodbury. Food is very good. Service is good…The host is terrible. Everytime we go there he is on his cell phone or he gives the impression that we are a bother coming into his establishment. I am not sure if it is arrogance or he just does not like his job. This is the first person that people see and the last one they see leaving. It is not leaving a very good impression.

    Get a new host and we will come back.

    • I completely agree! I very much enjoy the food at the Atlantic Buffet, but the host always acts like we’re bothering him by even being there.

  11. That is a huge selection of foods, I have never really been a fan of the buffet way of eating, but it seems like you enjoyed the meal. We have a restaurant here in South Africa called the Carnivore and its really great if you are a big meat eater, they have a huge selection of meats and their specialty is game meat anything from crocodile to any kind of buck, something that you should give a try when ever in South Africa very worth your while an incredible experience.

  12. I have been to the Bloomington one many, many times (mostly because it’s conveniently next to my work) but I find it just mediocre also. I have never tried the Mongolian stir-fry part of the restaurant though. Yes, as Kathy says, the Bloomington one is closed right now and I, too, wonder what they are doing. It was a very busy place so I can’t see them shutting down but that location is less than 5 years old and the place was in great shape and didn’t seem to need a remodel. We’ll see I guess.

  13. FYI – the Bloomington Atlantic Buffet is closed right now. I don’t know if it’s for remodelling or just gone, but the place is ripped apart.

    • Went today, was not satisfy… crab legs took forever to be served when there was barely anyone there…. crab legs are super small… was NOT happy, never going back there..

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