Aug 242009

Maria Maria

415 Colorado Street Austin, TX 78701 (512)687-6800

**Mexican Cuisine**

Mariamaria-outside Maria Maria is a lovely restaurant located in downtown Austin, on Colorado St, just a block off the famous 6th Street.  The lighting is soft and romantic with candles lit throughout the restaurant, as well as lighting set up to highlight the gorgeous paintings on the walls.

Mariamaria-inside The giant paintings mimic the artwork on several of Santana’s albums, very bright and colorful.

Mariamaria-paintingI enjoyed the complimentary chips and salsa (and a margarita!) until my entree arrived.  Many things sounded good but I really wanted to try the carnitas and since it came recommended, I went ahead with ordering it.  So happy that I did! The carnitas were different than most I have had before because they were bite-sized chunks of tender pork that had been cooked in a tangy, spicy Adobo sauce.  I made tacos from both corn and flour tortillas, they were both very good!The portion was very big and I had a lot leftover.

Mariamaria-carnitas A couple of my companions ordered the Chicken Enchiladas Suizas, covered with a tomato cream sauce.

Mariamaria-enchiladasuizas Another companion had the Chicken Flautas, covered with to kinds of chile, cilantro, sour cream and cheese.

Mariamaria-flautas Chicken Mole

Mariamaria-mole Service was really good, considering we had a group of around 16 people.  Our server had good suggestions for entrees and was friendly and efficient.

Overall Impression: Cool place with a great atmosphere, good drinks and good food.
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  1. Have never been here, and am intrigued with the website. I have an old high school acquaintance coming to visit from out of state and would like to dine in a nostalgic setting.

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