Aug 082009

The Saltlick BBQ

18001 FM 1826  Driftwood, Texas 78619 512-858-4959

3350 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665 (512) 386-1044

**There is a also a smaller Salt Lick location (counter-service only) at the Austin-Bergstrom Airport**




I was told by several people that the Salt Lick was one of the best BBQ restaurants that Austin has to offer, and I wasn’t disappointed!  Although the all-you-can-eat-family-style special sounded really good, I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat that much and so I went with the 3-meat combo platter.  I was able to try a couple of ribs, the sliced beef brisket and Salt Lick’s homemade sausage.  The beef brisket was my favorite of the three, it was very tender and had excellent flavor.  The ribs were also good but not tender enough to fall off the bone the way I usually like my ribs.  The Salt Lick’s famous BBQ sauce is not as dark as most sauces (more yellow than red) and was slightly sweet but twangy.  The potato salad was also different than any I had tried before, with ground potatoes (instead of cubes) mixed with onions and seasonings and served over the coleslaw.


This freshly baked bread was served as an appetizer.  I didn’t try it but it looked really soft and fresh


Overall Impression: Salt Lick is a fun place to go with a big group and the all-you-can-eat family style is a good deal if you have a big appetite.  Excellent sauce and very good beef brisket.
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