Aug 192009

The Oasis on Lake Travis

6550 Comanche Trail. Austin, Texas 78732 512.266.2442

Cuisine: Mexican and Seafood

I was told that I absolutely had to go to the Oasis on Lake Travis while I was in Austin, and that the best time to go was at sunset.  This place is very, very cool!  Apparently there was a devastating fire after lightning struck the original building in 2005 and they have completely re-built the venue with decks overlooking the lake.



The amount of deck space is very impressive, accommodating up to 2,000 people.


The Oasis is on the east end of the lake and has a great view of the setting sun.  I caught a very cool sunset the night of my visit


The menu has a small selection of appetizers, Mexican and seafood entrees (with the minimum price being around $14).  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to eat for dinner, as I was debating between a couple of things, but I went with the server’s recommendation of the Fish Tacos and a cheese enchilada a la carte.  This fish tacos were very colorful and pretty, but I was somewhat disappointed because they weren’t nearly as good as the fish tacos I had at the Hula Hut.  There were three tacos, each with a decent sized fillet of a white fish that was slightly fishy-tasting without many other seasonings.  The meal also came with beans and rice.


The cheese enchilada was quite good, stuffed with melted white cheese and covered with a mildly spicy enchilada sauce.  Sad to say but this tasted better and was a much better value than the fish tacos.


My service for the evening was somewhat disappointing.  It took my server nearly 10 minutes to greet me and did not bring me the usual complimentary chips and salsa.  After ordering my meal I waited quite some time before asking if I could have some chips and salsa, then they were finally brought out to me just minutes before my meal arrived.  There were a couple of other instances where the server forgot something.

Overall Impression: The Oasis is a cool restaurant with a great view of the sunset, but the food was overpriced and the service could be much better.
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