May 022010

The first week of May  is my favorite week of the year.  It’s Cinco de Mayo week!

Which absolutely means that I will have more than my share of Mexican food and margaritas this week.  I Thought I’d highlight the list of Mexican restaurants I have reviewed to give you some ideas but  I’d also like to hear your picks for best Mexican food around the Twin Cities, so leave a comment.

Without a doubt I will be eating the shredded chicken fried flour tacos at Boca Chica’s Taco House that are only offered during the month of May.  I will also have a burrito from Pineda Tacos (spicy pork and steak) at some point.  I also see enchiladas and tamales in my future, I could go on and on.  I will choose a new restaurant based on your suggestions so make sure to leave a comment!

  4 Responses to “Cinco de Mayo Week ~ Best Mexican Restaurants”

  1. Pepitos at 4820 Chicago Ave South Minneapolis continues to disappoint. I ordered a tostado. 1 1/2 olives, a tiny bit of cheese, smaller amount of tomatoes, no black beans (supposed to be pinto and black beans), and no Mexican relish. I would NEVER go back there again. I should have returned it immediately instead of paying for it. The waitress just acted stupid about the whole thing. Like it was no big deal that I was paying money for essentially a tortilla with pinto beans on it. NEVER AGAIN.

  2. The fried flour chicken tacos you mentioned sound really good!!

  3. El Norteno on Lake St. FTW.

    4000 East Lake Street
    Minneapolis, MN 55406-2201
    (612) 722-6888

  4. You HAVE to try Pepitos!!! It’s at 4820 Chicago Ave South Minneapolis. Soooo good! Family Owned and run since day one and simple, delicious mexican food that can’t be beat. My family went there for many of our celebration dinners when I was younger and my dad and his brothers go there all the time.

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