Jul 182010

**Side Trip Mini Review**

Cuisine: American, Burgers, Hot Dogs

Locations: 7800 Airport Blvd.   Houston, TX 77061 (281) 657-6168

5815 Westheimer Rd.  Houston, TX 77057  (713) 975-6082

Links: Pappa’s Burger Website

Menu: menu_pappas

What I ordered: While at the Houston Hobby Airport for a layover, I stopped at Pappa’s Burger for dinner (located within the airport terminal).  I ordered the Pappa’s Original Margarita, which was pleasantly tart and very delicious.  I usually prefer my margaritas without triple sec, but this one was perfect with it.

Margarita ~ Pappa's Burgers, Houston Airport

Margarita ~ Pappa’s Burger, Houston Airport

For my meal I had the new Chili Cheese Dog with Fries.  The sign outside the restaurant that read  “Made from Scratch Hot Dogs with Freshly Baked Buns” is what called me inside.  I love chili cheese dogs and this one was very good.  I asked for it with shredded cheddar rather than the cheese sauce it normally comes with because you can’t beat real cheddar on a dog.  The chili was very flavorful and had just the right amount of beans and meat but the best part of the package was the hot dog itself, made from beef with a natural casing. It was almost a footlong and I ate every last bite (with a  fork!)  The fries were also very good, thin and golden.
Chili Cheese Dog ~ Pappa's Burgers, Houston Airport

Chili Cheese Dog ~ Pappa’s Burger, Houston Airport

Overall Impression: If the Chili Cheese Dogs and Margarita are any indication of how good the burgers are, it is a safe bet you will enjoy your meal at Pappa’s Burger.  Another awesome bonus is FREE WI-FI!
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