Jul 182010

Cuisine: Steak

Locations & Addresses:

Arboretum- 10614 Research Blvd. Between W. Braker Lane & Great Hills Trail 512/340-0040

Round Rock- 2300 N. I-35 (Between 3406 and 79) 512/238-0091

Links: Saltgrass Steak House

Menu: menu-saltgrass

What I ordered: I ordered the Ribeye Steak which came with my choice of two sides, loaded Baked Potato and Macaroni and Cheese. Both the sides were very good but Oh the Steak!! I loved the tender, aged Angus enhanced with the smokey flavors of the grill.  Every bite melted in my mouth!
Ribeye at Salt Grass Steak House ~ Austin, TX

Ribeye at Salt Grass Steak House ~ Austin, TX

My companion ordered the Shrimp & Sirloin combo (with baked potato and grilled veggies)
Steak & Shrimp Plate at Salt Gras Steak House

Steak & Shrimp Plate at Salt Gras Steak House

Overall Impression: This is the second time I have eaten at Salt Grass and I enjoyed it both times (read about the first visit). The service was very good and the steaks were delicious!
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  1. Saltgrass Round Rock has a bartender who is a thief. I was at the bar drinking beer -and I walked a few feet away from the bar to ask the waitress about getting a sandwich. The bartender not only took my beer, but he took the money that I had laying on the bar, $6. He said that he thought I left, but he knew damn well that I was still there -I was only about 4 ft away from the bar. If this is the kind of people that Saltgrass hires, I will not go back there. He did not return the money that he stole.

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