Aug 022010

**This is a Mini Review while working in Austin, TX this summer**

Cuisine: Pizza


13343 U.S. 183 Austin, TX 78750    512-918-DAVE(3283)

Links: Double Dave’s Website

What I ordered: I had heard the Peproni Rolls were really good so I opted to order delivery to my hotel one night.  Not ever having them before, I did not know how big they were and ordered six.  More than enough for one hungry person! In fact, it was a stretch for me to eat three of them.  Each Peproni Roll was probably about 5-6″ of baked pizza dough stuffed with pepperoni and melted provolone.  They were served with a side of marinara for dipping.  Easy and non-messy, these Peproni Rolls are great for  an appetizer, snacking or on-the-go.  Taste and convenience that everybody (especially the kids!) will love.
Double Dave's Peproni Rolls

Double Dave’s Peproni Rolls

Overall Impression: Move over, Totino’s Pizza Rolls.  Double Dave’s Peproni Rolls are soooooo much better!! DELIVERY!!
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  1. Kristi,

    Wow, I am SO happy to see Double D’s featured!! Out of all the places in Austin, haha.

    I went there almost every Thursday night (I think that’s the all-you-can-eat pizza/dessert buffet) when I lived in Austin. I miss it so much!!

    Thank you for posting :)

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