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**This is a Mini Review while working in Austin, TX this summer**

Cuisine: Mexican


8820 Burnet Road Austin, TX 78758 512-454-1474

409 West 30th Street   Austin, TX 78705  512-477-2935

901-C Little Texas Lane  Austin, TX 78745   512-326-9899

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Trudy's ~ Outside

Trudy’s ~ Outside

Atmosphere: The Trudy’s North Star location is located on Burnet Rd., just south of 183.  The space is quite big and open, with tables and booths spread out through the multi-level restaurant.  There is also a bar centrally located on the bottom level of the restaurant.

Inside Trudy's North Star ~ Austin, TX

Inside Trudy’s North Star ~ Austin, TXKristi Sauer

What I ordered: My visit was on a Saturday around lunch time, where I discovered they had an All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast and Mexican Specialty Bar for just $9.95.  I figured at that price, I couldn’t go wrong!

We started with the complimentary Chips & Salsa.  The chips were thick and crispy, served with two varieties of salsa, both of which were medium spicy and very flavorful.

Chips & Salsa @ Trudy's ~ Austin, TX

Chips & Salsa @ Trudy’s ~ Austin, TX

After a quick trip to the Buffet, my first plate contained Queso to go with the chips, fresh hot Flour Tortillas, Scrambled Eggs with Spinach, Roasted Peppers and Melted Jack Cheese, Hashbrowns O’Brien, a Mini Smoked Chicken and Cheese Chimichanga with Green Onions, and a Spicy Beef Enchilada.  I enjoyed all of it!
Brunch Plate @ Trudy's ~ Austin, TX

Brunch Plate @ Trudy’s ~ Austin, TX

My second plate at the Buffet included Mexican Rice, Pork in Red Sauce, Spicy Green Chicken Enchilada, and Cheesey Cooked Zucchini.  I also made my own Fish Taco with crispy catfish fingers and veggies & cheese from the Salad Bar.  Everything was delicious! The taco was very good, the chicken enchilada was quite spicy (which I love!), and the Zucchini dish was one of the best ways I have ever eaten zucchini, with melted cheese, spices and possibly bread crumbs.  Would make an awesome side dish at home, I might even try to re-create it.  The pork was also delicious and very tender, cooked in a dark red sauce that was flavorful yet not very spicy. The only thing that didn’t impress me was the rice and quite frankly, there were too many other tasty items to be bothered with it.

Mexican Brunch Plate @ Trudy's ~ Austin, TX

Mexican Brunch Plate @ Trudy’s ~ Austin, TX

My companion nearly ordered the Stuffed Avocado instead of the Specialty Bar until the server told us that they would have mini-stuffed avocados shortly on the Buffet.    I couldn’t envision what  stuffed avocado would look like but these mini avocados came with a slice of avocado formed over seasoned shredded chicken then breaded and deep fried.  It came with a seasoned green-chile sour cream sauce.  WOW!!! To die for if you like avocado!!  An incredible invention that MUST find its way to MN!! LOVED it.
Stuffed Avocados @ Trudy's ~ Austin, TX

Stuffed Avocados @ Trudy’s ~ Austin, TX

Overall Impression: Our server was fantastic! She was very sweet, professional and very accommodating.  All-you-can-eat Breakfast/Specialty Bar at $9.95 on Saturday and $11.95 on Sunday is an excellent deal for the big selection (which also includes American breakfast items, Mexican Items, Salad Bar and Dessert Bar.  Highly recommend the Stuffed Avocado.
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  1. Trudy’s sucks for lunch. They don’t even have a lunch menu anymore only a stupid crappy “buffet” with awful choices. So basically, you get up, go to their rough and pile their crappy pre-made food on your plate. Super FAIL!!!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Trudy’s! I think I went to a different location (closer to UT) last fall but recognize the salsa dishes. Very fair review. I should probably venture out and try the stuffed avocados. My favorite dish is definitely the Southern style Chicken Breast – and brownie dessert…

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