Sep 082010

Wanted to celebrate a little, since the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog has just 1400 pageviews to go before it reaches a big milestone-  500,000 Pageviews!!!  I think TODAY or Tomorrow might be the BIG DAY!!!

Once we hit 500,000, I am going to be doing a Giveaway to help Celebrate!!

Of course you can help reach this milestone by exploring the many reviews that I have written……. just  take a peak at all the links I have in the right sidebar and explore some of the restaurants our Twin Cities have to offer.  Would love some comment love today as well, so please comment away!!

  4 Responses to “Half a Million!”

  1. I use your blog a lot for finding restaurants, so thanks for giving it to the world!

    Congrats on half a mil!

  2. Way to go. Not only love he reviews but we attended the funraiser and did some good as well. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  3. I always enjoy reading your reviews but rarely ever comment. Congrats!

  4. Congratulations. Love your blog!

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