Oct 192010

Do you shop often at Kowalski’s Market? It may be more expensive than CUB or Festival or the other local big grocery stores, but they have many items that can only be found at Kowalski’s.

Plus they have a really great deli and a really great bakery.  Many of the bakery items are made by a third party but are baked fresh every morning at each Kowalski’s store.

A few items I have sampled over the past couple of years:

Have you had any items from Kowalski’s bakery?? What are your favorites?

  2 Responses to “Baked Goods from Kowalski’s Market”

  1. Kowalski’s has always been a fond memory from my visits to MN. Haven’t been there in years, def need to remember to go there the next time we are up there!!

  2. I was recently at the kowalskis in w.b.l and i got the best jumbo shrimps there. They were fresh not frozen, large and firm. perfect treat for the vikings game

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