Oct 242010

I am currently working on a review that includes Scotch Eggs.  YUM! They are one item that can’t be found just anywhere, so when I do see them on a menu, I Must Order them ;)

Are there any food items that when you see them on the menu you just know you Must Order it?

As much as I love ethnic variety and trying new foods, I am also drawn to particular favorites that I seem to order at many different restaurants.  Have you noticed any of my favorites from my posts?? Reuben and Cuban sandwiches are definitely on my list.  So are Buffalo Wings and Pad Thai noodles! Chili Cheese Dogs too, of course. I have many favorites and it is always fun to taste the differences and try to determine which restaurants do it Best.

What favorite foods do you tend to find yourself straying toward when ordering at different restaurants?

  3 Responses to “Reader Poll: Your “Must-Order” Foods”

  1. I love phillies – so i order those a lot .. and cheese dip!

  2. Though it’s very common, whenever I see a buffalo chicken sandwich, I gotta go for it. I’m also with the post above on Juicy Lucy’s, big time love of those.

  3. After doing a makeshift tour of stuffed burgers (aka Juicy Lucy’s), I find myself needing to try any stuffed burger if I see one on a menu.
    I’m also huge into trying fish tacos lately, though I tend to shy away if the fish is breaded as I think breading hides the flavor of fish.
    Wings top my list as well, but usually if they have a unique flavor over the standard buffalo sauce.

    Yum – I’m hungry now.

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