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**** This restaurant is closed as of March 2011****

Cuisine: Burgers
Restaurant Features: Counter-Service, On-Site Parking
Location: White Bear Lake, MN
Address: 4735 HWY 61 White Bear Lake, MN 55110 651.426.2521
Hours: 11am
Links: Burger Time Website * Burger Time Facebook Page * Google Map

Atmosphere: Burger Time has made its way from Fargo to the Twin Cities with its first local restaurant in White Bear Lake.  Located downtown White Bear in a little shopping area at the Southwest corner of Hwy 61 and 4th Street, Burger Time has taken over the former home of Einstein’s Bagels.

I had driven by this place every day since it opened a few months ago and was curious what it was all about, since I love a good burger.  The set up of the restaurant leaves no doubt upon first impression that it is a fast food joint.  You order at this counter and then pick your own seat.

The Dining Room is set up with tables as well as bar-style seating along the windows.  The decor is very modern and vibrant.  The lighting is very bright, with large pendants hanging overhead, illuminating guests who sit near the windows just feet away from the cars parked in the lot.  Nothing like feeling like you’re onstage while you’re eating!

Menu: Side items include French Fries, Onion Rings and Apple Pie.

All Burgers at Burger Time are flame-broiled 1/3lb patties.  You can get a 2/3lb (two patties) or a 1 lb burger (three patties).  Burger options include Cheeseburger, Bacon Cheeseburger, BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, Hawaiian BBQ, and Mushroom Swiss.  There is also a Chicken Sandwich.  Make any a combo for $1.80 extra

Items on the Kids Menu include Chicken Chunks and Jr. Burger

Burger Time also has shakes: Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla.

Price guide: 1/3lb Burger or Chicken $3-4  2/3lb Burger $4-6  1 lb Burger $9  Shakes $3

What we ordered: I had a 2/3 lb Bacon & Swiss Burger with Onion Rings.  Typical of fast food, each item was individually wrapped in paper.  The burger was quite large with  two large, 1/3lb patties stacked on a grilled bun.  The meat had good flavor and was pretty juicy, if not slightly greasy.  The quality was somewhere between fast food burger and restaurant burger.  Much better than McDonald’s!  The bun wasn’t quite sturdy enough for all the meat, barely containing the patties. I was not a big fan of the cheese or bacon on this burger, which was definitely fast-food quality.  I hate American cheese with a passion so I ordered the Swiss instead, but this was basically processed Swiss cheese, not the real-deal.  I guess I should’ve expected that when I saw the prices, but now I know that next time I will just order a California Burger sans cheese and bacon.  The Onion Rings were pretty awesome, thick cut onions battered and fried until hot and crispy.  The order was huge! I could only eat about half my meal before I was very full.

My companion ordered the Mushroom Swiss Burger with French Fries. This burger was nearly identical to the one I ordered, just swap the bacon for mushrooms.  I actually liked the mushrooms much better than the cheap bacon.  The fries are very similar to McDonald’s.

Service: Nobody was at the counter when we first walked in for a late weekday dinner and the dining room was also a ghost-town.  After just a very short wait a very friendly employee came from the back to take our order.  I suspect that there may be only 1-2 people working each shift because the employee disappeared back into the kitchen once again and then we didn’t see her again until about 10 minutes later when she brought our food out to us.  She was very nice and later came back put to the dining room and asked us what we thought of the food.  They have a soda fountain for self-serve beverages, very typical fast-food service.
Overall Impression: Decent fast-food burgers at very reasonable prices, all orders are custom made so it takes a little longer than typical fast food.  No drive-thru.

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  1. They only lasted 6 months before Burger Time in WBL closed it’s doors.

  2. The burger rooms and food are the same as the burger shops and food here in Holland.

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