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Manitou Station: 2171 4th Street White Bear Lake, Minnesota 55110 651-426-2300

This past Wednesday night a few friends and I stopped in to Manitou Station for drinks and a bite to eat.  I have been there many times before (read my  review from March 2010) and have had a great experience every single time.  We were pleased to discover live music by John Evans, owner of Evans Music downtown White Bear.  John will be playing every Wednesday night from 8-11pm. If you like Clapton-sounding guitar music, you will love John Evans and Dan Perry, they are great!

Our drinks…..

I had the Spicy Hot Cocoa, which I thought was really good.  The cocoa is mixed with Goldschlager to give it a bite of spicy cinnamon then some cayenne is added to give it some heat.  I liked this a lot, it warmed me right up on a very chilly night.

One of my companions had the Irish Bulldog with Coke, Baileys Irish Cream and vodka.  This drink was tall and very tasty.

Another companion had the Dirty Blu Martini with bleu-cheese stuffed olives, which were a big hit.

We also ordered food. I was craving a good reuben which is part of the reason I chose to eat at Manitou that night. This sandwich is so darn good!!! They use real corned beef brisket and pile it on the thick slices of  pumpernickel along with tangy sauerkraut and creamy Russian dressing then grill it until toasted.  I could go for this again right now as I think about it!  I got a giant pile of thick cut steak fries with the sandwich, with a side of curried mayo. Oh dear goodness, you must try this curried mayo with the fries, so heavenly and sinful!

One companion had the Prime Rib Dip with added mushrooms. This sandwich is also outstanding, one of the best beef dips out there. The meat is lean, juicy and and tender and even more delicious with the addition of the sauteed mushrooms.  Careful consideration was made when Manitou Station selected the roll, which is substantial enough to hold up against the pile of meat.  The au jus is also thick and delicious.

Another companion had the Parmesan Encrusted BLT with avocado added-on and cottage cheese for a the side.  I didn’t try this but it looked amazing and my companion declared it the best BLT.  The bacon was the thick-cut smokey variety. Yum!

Manitou Station is one of my favorite places to go within a 10 miles radius of my home.  You can’t go wrong whether you order a steak, sandwich, salad, burger, fish etc. I’ve tried almost everything on the menu in the past year that it has been opened and have enjoyed it all.  I’ll be back again soon to get my corned beef and Scotch egg fix ;)  Check out the menu and my original review of Manitou Station
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  1. They have updated the restaurant interior, this past summer, unfortunately they dropped the live music.

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