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Cuisine: Mexican, Seafood
Restaurant Features: Bar, On-Site Parking
Location: St Paul, MN (West-side)
Address: 567 Stryker Ave St Paul, MN 55107   651-291-9632
Hours: Daily 9:30-10pm
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Mazatlan Restaurant ~ St Paul, MN

Atmosphere: Mazatlan is located on the corner of George St and Stryker Ave, on St Paul’s West Side.  The restaurant has been in this location for three years, a space that is divided into a restaurant on one side and a bar on the other.  The decor is nothing fancy but is comfortable and has cheerful Mexican-beach inspired murals on many of the walls.

Menu: I have to apologize and admit that I did not even look at the menu and I cannot find the menu online anywhere either.  When I make a return trip I will make sure to do a more thorough job of documenting what else they serve at Mazatlan Restaurant.

I know they have an extensive selection of Tacos, Burritos, Fajitas, and other Seafoods.
Price guide: $2/taco $7-16 Entrees
What we ordered: We started with the complimentary chips and salsa.  The chips were very good, the salsa was also pretty good, may have had a hint of tamarind?  I really wanted to try a margarita but I was technically only at lunch and on the clock so I had to pass. Next time!

While I should have looked at the extensive menu, I simply asked our server what she recommended.  She told me that the fajitas were really good, and recommended the Combination Fajitas which came with Chicken, Steak and Shrimp.  Sounded great to me, so that is what I ordered.  I was very happy with my choice! The order came with a heaping pile of sizzling white-meat chicken strips, steak, shrimp, with sauteed bell peppers and onions.  It came with both beans and rice and a basket of freshly made corn tortillas.  Delicious, especially with the salsa verde! I only made two tacos before I was full and had a lot to take home.

Along with our meals we were brought this cool table-top salsa bar that had fresh lime, pico de gallo, red salsa, green salsa, and another green sauce that was avocado-based and very mild.

One of my companions ordered the Chicken Burrito, a large burrito stuffed with juicy and tender shredded white meat chicken, rice and other veggies, then grilled on the outside.  Very yummy and a large portion size.

Another companion ordered the carne asada and carne lengua tacos, served on freshly made corn tortillas.  Decent amount of meat on each tortilla, then topped with the customary cilantro and onions.  Tacos can be sold ala carte, so you can mix and match.

Service: We were warmly greeted as soon as we arrived, and had our pick of tables so we chose to sit near the windows.  Our server was very nice and we were very pleased with our overall service.

Overall Impression: Glad we found this place, the food is authentic and they have many items to choose from on the menu, including many seafoods all of which is very reasonably priced for the large portions. The service was great.

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  2. I loved this place. I was there twice with Kristi! Both times the food was amazing. My husband loved my leftovers (you got so much food) that he wants me to take him there so he can choose his own menu!

    • I forgot to add that the picture of the chicken burrito was my lunch on my first visit to Mazatlan!

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