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*** Abetto’s Deli is closed  as of 10/14/11***

Cuisine: Deli, Italian, Pizza
Restaurant Features: Banquet, Catering, Counter-Service, On-Site Parking
Location: St Paul, MN
Address: 560 Como Ave St Paul, MN 55103  651-488-4040
Hours: Mon-Thurs 11am-8pm  Fri-Sat 11am-10pm
Links: Abetto’s Website * Abetto’s on Facebook * Google Map

Atmosphere: Abetto’s Deli is located on Como Ave in St Paul ( at Kent St) with an attached liquor store.  There is a counter to order at when you first walk in, with the food preparation area just behind the safety glass.  The dining room in back is nothing fancy, but it is spacious and has wooden floors. There are several red & white-checkered banquet tables spread throughout.Inside Abetto's Pizza & Deli ~ St Paul, MN

Menu: Appetizers at Abetto’s include Garlic Toast, Garlic Cheese Toast, Italian Fries, and Chicken Wings.

Salad options include Chef, Garden and Italian.

Subs and Sandwiches include Cheese or Veggie, Corned Beef, Smoked Turkey, Roast Beef, Ham, Pepperoni, Tuna, Italian Salami and Meatball.  Hot Sandwiches include Pizza Sub, Hail the Vulc, North of the Border, Meathead, Heartburn, Tuna Fetish, Mr Magoo, The Titan, Lunch Box 360, The In’Vince”ible,

Hot entrees include Baked Rigatoni, Hot Dago, Mostaccioli, Reuben, and Spaghetti & Meatballs.

Pizzas come in either 6″, 10″,12″ 14″.  Build-your-own or choose from one of the following specialty pizzas: Canadian Bacon/Pineapple, Veggie, Reuben, House Special, Taco and Super Works.

Price guide: Appetizers $1-6  Salads $4-5 Subs $4-7  Hot Entrees $6-7  Pizza $4-18

Weekly Specials:
What I ordered: On my first visit to Abetto’s, I wasn’t sure what to try so I asked for a recommendation.  The cook immediately replied with “Hot Dago” so the Hot Dago is what I got!  My order came with a thick patty of Italian sausage sitting atop a fresh hoagie roll, then smothered in red sauce and mozzarella and baked until the cheese and bread were golden and toasty.  This was pretty good; there was a substantial amount of all ingredients.  I would get this again but next time I would see if I could get sauteed peppers and onions added to it to spice it up a little, I would also probably add crushed red pepper and parmesan.


One solo tasting of Abetto’s was not enough for me, so a few days after I ate the Hot Dago above,  I went back and ordered a sub to-go.  There were many appealing options but I ended up getting the Heartburn Sub.  It wasn’t much more money to get a 12″ vs a 6″, so I went with the larger sub.  Totally unnecessary, 6″ was almost too much for me! The heartburn sub has pepperoni and cheddar as well as roast beef and pepper jack, both of which are toasted along with the bread.  There was a significant amount of both meats; this sandwich was seriously Stacked.   The pepperoni was great but I didn’t care as much for the roast beef, it seemed too processed for me but I still ate it and enjoyed the sandwich.  The sandwich also had plenty of shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and banana peppers, and then was drizzled with mayo and oil.  Potentially a very very messy sandwich, which is why it is smartly cut in half and wrapped tightly in paper.

Service: I visited Abetto’s over the lunch hour on two separate occasions within one week and had consistent, friendly service on both visits.  Toasted Specialty Subs are ready in 5-10 minutes, depending on how busy it is.
Overall Impression: I am glad to have discovered Abetto’s Deli after  a reader recommended it, it is very close to where I work which makes it very convenient to stop to pick up a sandwich.  They also have a great Pizza Special on Wednesday nights where a large 1-item pizza is only $5.60.  That’s cheaper than DiGiorno!

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  1. Love that place – a college friends parents own it and went there a lot when I lived in Como Park… sort of forgot about it since then. Great reminder!

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