May 042011

If you haven’t yet treated yourself to some delicious Mexican food this week, tomorrow would make an excellent day to do just that….  as it is Cinco de Mayo!

Which absolutely means that I will have more than my share of Mexican food and margaritas this week.

I Thought I’d highlight the list of Mexican restaurants I have reviewed to give you some ideas but  I’d also like to hear your picks for best Mexican food around the Twin Cities, so leave a comment.

Without a doubt I will be eating the shredded chicken fried flour tacos at Boca Chica’s Taco House that are only offered during the month of May.  I will also have a burrito from Pineda Tacos (spicy pork and steak) at some point.

Here are some photos to get you hungry for Mexican…..

On second thought, I have a ton of Mexican food photos taken in the past year but they were all taken while working in Austin, TX the past two summers. It just wouldn’t be fair to tease you with food that is only available 1800 miles away!

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