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Cuisine: American, Pizza
Restaurant Features: Bar, On-Site Parking, Waterfront
Location: Northeast Minneapolis, MN
Address: 1900 Marshall Street Minneapolis, MN 55418  612-788-9069
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-2am  Sat-Sun 10am-2am
Links: Psycho Suzi’s Website * Psycho Suzi’s on Facebook * Google Map
Atmosphere: Psycho Suzi’s is now located in its second home, in the space that was formerly Gabby’s (Marshall Street in Northeast Mpls).  The main draw to Psycho Suzi’s is the Tiki-themed patio overlooking the Mississippi River, a very popular place in the summer.  My first impression of Psycho Suzi’s was that it reminded me a lot of the Hula Hut in Austin, Texas, one of my favorite restaurants.

There are several trees along one side of the patio that offer shade.  There are also a few Easter-Island Statue heads here and there, along with a few thatched straw umbrellas and countless Tiki-drinks but otherwise it doesn’t seem too overboard with the Tiki-theme.  Very relaxing during the day.

I only got a peek at one of the dining areas inside the restaurant, it had booths and funky chandeliers.  Honestly not sure what the rest of the inside of Psycho Suzi’s entails.

Menu: Psycho Suzi’s is well known for their Tiki Drinks, and they have a full menu of options to choose from.  There is a also a full food menu.

Appetizers include Beer Battered Onion Rings, Red Rockets (fried cocktail wienies), Mini Mex Rolls, Triple Garlic Hummus Plate, Fried Asparagus, Chicken Gremlins (battered and boneless wings), Barracuda Buffalo Wings, Beer Battered Cheese Curds, Backfire Dip (artichoke and Jalapeno), Pickle Roll-Ups, Trans-Am Tator Tots, Deviled Eggs, Brown Sugar Babies (bacon wrapped smokies in a sugary glaze), Dry Rub Wings, and Impala Shrimp Skewers.

Salad options are The Attica (three cheese, kalamata olives), Blue Fairlane (wedge with bacon and bleu cheese crumbles), Spinach and Walnut, and Caesar.

All Burgers are made with a special beef blend and come with Tator Tots.  Options include The Charger (bacon, cheddar and BBQ),  Suzi Burger (caramelized onion and cheese), American Rambler (provolone and cheddar), and Lowrider (jalapenos, onions and pepperjack).

Sandwiches at Psycho Suzi’s include Cobra (hot roast beef), Shelby Sandwich (roasted eggplant), Pontiac (pulled bbq pork with coleslaw), French Dip, Monterey (cold turkey), The Commando (cold salami and ham), and Freddie’s Chicken Salad.

Pizza come in either Hand-Tossed or Deep Dish Crust.  Choices include Build-Your-Own or Choose from one of the Specialty Pizzas such as Suzi Supreme, Suzi Quattro, Pineapple Barbeque, Hemi Cuda, The Fastback, Four Barrel, Ultra Bird, Sunny Buick, Cordoba and Paradise City.

Desserts include Deep Fried Snickers, Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream, Birthday Cake, and Build-Your-Own S’Mores Platter.

Price guide: Appetizers $9-13  Burgers $9-11  Pizzas $15-24

What we ordered: We started with the Backfire Dip, a chunky dip made with artichokes, jalapenos, red pepper and cheeses.  This was a flavorful dip similar to many artichoke dips with the exception that it was much spicier than the average due to the jalapenos.  I thought it was pretty good.  I enjoyed the spiciness and it had plenty of chunks of artichoke.  It was served with sliced baguette.

We also ordered the Buffalo Wings.  Unlike traditional buffalo wings, the ones at Psycho Suzi’s were breaded and the Buffalo sauce was served on the side.  Our party was divided on the wings; some with dietary issues were disappointed that they were breaded.  I thought the wings were decent as far as breaded wings go; they were crispy and seasoned well.  The Buffalo sauce itself was nothing special.

For dinner one of my companions and I ordered a small deep-dish Hemi Cuda Pizza, which had six small slices for about $20.  The crust was dense and thick  but honestly not one single thing about this pizza stood out.  I was disappointed because I typically love deep dish but this was sub-par in my book. The toppings were just ordinary and the chunky sauce on top didn’t have a whole lot of flavor, and the crust was sort of dry.  It looked much better than it was.

Two of my companions ordered the large hand-tossed Hemi Cuda pizza.  I did not try this pizza but I thought it looked better than the deep dish version.  It had more cheese and toppings and a different sauce.  Still ordinary.

Another companion ordered the Suzi Burger, minus the fried onion.  This burger came with cheddar and provolone and a red pepper mayo.  One bite of this burger had me wondering just what the heck kind of “special blend” it included.  It did not have the taste or texture of a normal burger.  In fact, it almost had the texture of a Hot dago which is usually a pork sausage and beef blend.  I called Psycho Suzi’s after the fact to ask what was in their special blend beef and was told “Its a secret” but that it was 100% beef.  I don’t buy it for another minute and would never order a burger from Psycho Suzi’s again.  It was terrible.  The tator tots were pretty good, however.

Service: Knowing that Psycho Suzi’s is a very busy popular place, my guests and I met on a weekday around 3pm when we easily found a table on the water that was big enough for five of us.  We started with one server and got someone new about twenty minutes later.  We ordered several happy hour tap beers and cocktails throughout our visit, they seemed to be served in a  reasonable amount of time.  The new server was okay but when we asked for a glass of water for the second time, she motioned across the deck and told us water was self-serve. What?! Really?! I thought that was rather rude.

Overall Impression: I had heard great things about Psycho Suzi’s for quite some time but after finally trying it, I honestly think it is really over-rated unless you are there for the nightlife on the weekends.  As much as I enjoy the water and enjoy the concept of Psycho Suzi’s and its great patio, I think there are many other restaurants around the Cities with patios that are just as nice while serving  far better food.  Great Artichoke Jalapeno Dip but pizzas weren’t anything special and the burgers are the worst I have ever eaten in the Twin Cities.
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  1. […] #11 Psycho Suzi’s ~ The Backfire Dip at Psycho Suzi’s is a chunky dip made with artichokes, jalapenos, red pepper and cheeses.  This was a flavorful dip similar to many artichoke dips with the exception that it was much spicier than the average due to the jalapenos.  I thought it was pretty good.  I enjoyed the spiciness and it had plenty of chunks of artichoke.  It was served with sliced baguette. […]

  2. I am another one that will say that for how this place was “talked up” I couldn’t believe how disappointed I was. Cool atmosphere but past that, it didn’t have much else to offer me. Here’s what I wrote up about it which was very similar to the experience you had…


    Except I went this winter so didn’t have the deck to make me feel better about my experience!

  3. A few of us went to Psycho Suzi’s a couple of weeks ago. We too were surprised at the self-serve water. I’d been to the old location a couple of times and did not remember that from the old patio. Honestly our entire table was a little put-off. Added to the fact that we had to “valet” park our own car, it seems like service is not high on their list of goals. Since the food is ok at best, if you are picky about service, you are probably going to be very disappointed.

  4. I agree! I hate the burgers there. And being a nearby resident – it is a pain to drive down Marshall ST NE ever since this place opened. I’ve reviewed the separate lounges upstairs (http://www.examiner.com/bars-in-minneapolis/the-new-psycho-suzi-s-revamped-and-less-cramped-review) and while they are very cool looking – it is usually so busy, and the service is not great.

    I have to disagree with you on one thing though – I love the pizza!

  5. That’s interesting about your experience because they are known for their great pizzas and yes, their tater tots are really good. I haven’t been to the new location (will be going next Monday) but the old location was always self-serve for water on the patio too. I suppose the server could have told you about the water ahead of time or dio a little bit better than just point you to self-serve.

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