Aug 192011

Cuisine: Breakfast, Burgers, Sandwiches
Restaurant Features: Counter Service
Location: There are several Billy Goat Taverns around the Chicago area, Find Yours Here.
Address:  (Navy Pier) 700 E. Grand Ave Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 670-8789
Links: Billy Goat Tavern Website * Billy Goat Tavern on Facebook

Atmosphere: The Navy Pier location offers counter service. A large menu board is displayed directly over the grill area, next to the counter where you order.

In addition to having outdoor seating overlooking Navy Pier, inside the restaurant there are wooden tables, as well as the Bar.

Menu: Burgers, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches

What we ordered: I ordered the Ribeye Sandwich, a thinly cut ribeye that was grilled then tossed on a big bun. I wasn’t very thrilled with it.  The steak wasn’t very tender and all the fat was still included (I usually love ribeye but I always remove all fat) and it wasn’t seasoned at all.  Sauteed onions and horseradish would have made it much better, but neither were available.  I would’ve loved fries with it, but those weren’t available either.  Only potato chips.

My companions all ate Burgers, including this Triple Burger. Each of the three patties are very, very thin like fast food burgers but it definitely tasted better than the fare at fast food chains.  It wasn’t a gourmet burger by any means but it was pretty good; fresh and made-to-order.

Service: There wasn’t a line when we visited the Billy Goat Tavern at Navy Pier, so we were able to order immediately.  Food was ready for us to pick up in about 6-7 minutes.

Overall Impression:  There was nothing fancy about Billy Goat Tavern but the prices were inexpensive and the food was prepared quickly.  Definitely a step above most fast-food joints.

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  1. The Billy Goat has been famous in Chicago for a long time. It’s actually owned by a high school friend of ours’ family. They’re also pretty well known outside of Chicago from the Saturday Night Live skits and the owner is the man who put the “curse” on the Chicago Cubs with the “curse of the billy goat” :)

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