Aug 122011

Cuisine: Pizza

Location: Many locations all over Chicago, find yours here

Links:  Lou Malnati’s Website * Lou Malnati’s On Facebook

What we ordered: We ordered a large Malnati Chicago Classic.  This deep-dish pizza had a dense crust that was at least 1″ thick.  It was covered with a layer of mozzarella, then a layer of the famous homemade Malnati sausage covering the entire pie like a big patty.  On top of the sausage is where the thick, zesty sauce makes its home.  The slices were rather big and filling.  I took two slices and was stuffed before I finished the second piece!

Overall Impression: I have tried a few deep-dish Chicago pizzas over the years and Lou Malnati’s is one of the better ones I have tried.  Many people will even tell you that Lou Malnati’s is their favorite in Chicago.
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  1. I would love to order for shipping to MN but unfortunately the prices are too expensive. Darn it!!

  2. I’m from Spain. I was in Chicago two years ago. I’m sure that I haven’t eaten a better pizza. Lou Malnatti’s is great

  3. Thanks for posting! We’re happy to hear that you enjoyed your meal at our restaurant. Hope to see you back again soon!

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