Aug 192011

Cuisine: American, Chicago-Style, Hot Dogs
Locations: Many locations located all over the Chicago area.  Find yours here
Address: 100 W. Ontario Chicago IL 60654 ( 312) 587-8910
Links: Portillo’s Website * Portillo’s on Facebook

Atmosphere: The Downtown location of Portillo’s is combined with Barnelli’s Pasta Bowl in a 2-level space kitty-corner from the Hard Rock Cafe.  Seating areas are available on both levels.

Menu: A variety of Hot Dogs, Burgers, Chicken and Beef Sandwiches, and Salads

What we ordered: I ordered the Chicago Dog, as did nearly everyone in my party.  The Chicago Dog starts with one of Portillo’s famous natural casing beef weiners, then topped with a pickle spear, sliced tomato, mini pickled pepper, mustard and chopped onions. It was served on a standard poppy seed bun that didn’t hold up too well.  I personally think these dogs would fare better on a more substantial bun, but overall it was a good dog.

Under no circumstances should you ever put ketchup on a Chicago Dog!

One of my companions ordered a Chili Cheese Dog, which they thought was really good.  It had plenty of chili and cheese, onions and mustard, served on the poppy seed bun.

Service: Our visit was at lunch time on a Friday and it was very busy.  This Portillo’s location offered counter service, it took about 10-15 minutes of waiting in line to order, then another 15 minutes until our food was ready.

Overall Impression: It was highly recommended by many people that I try Portillo’s, so i made a point of it.  Given all the hype, I had high expectations.  I thought the Chicago Dog I good as far as the classic combo of toppings but it didn’t stand out against any other hot dog I have had, in fact the wiener itself was rather ordinary.  There were several food items that I saw others order that looked really good (like the Italian Beef), I would like to try something else next time I visit,
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  1. If none of you had their Italian Beef, then none of you went to Portillo’s

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