Aug 222011

I pride myself on being willing to try just about anything, food-wise.  I might not like it, but at least I will try it.

One food that I have tried a few different times is a battle with me.  No many how many times I try it, I just don’t care for anything about it.

That food?  Uni.  Also known as Sea Urchin.

Yes, it looks like baby poop.  Yes, it has a very interesting texture.

None of that bothers me, it is the taste that gets me.  Very minerally.

I am told that Uni is an acquired taste, but I am pretty sure I will never be there!

Have any of you tried Uni?  What do you think? Take this poll but also leave comments, I am very curious


  One Response to “Reader Poll: Have you eaten Uni? Your thoughts?”

  1. My husband loves uni. I have an issue with its texture. But, our server at Sushi Masa (in Sioux Falls, SD – if you ever get our way) suggested the Northern Sea hand roll. It was fantastic and even I crave it now. Your basic beginning of a hand roll…nori, rice, and wasabi. The addition of some roe and the uni take it to another level. It’s wonderful.

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