Aug 032011

Dear Readers,

I am very excited today to tell you about the best thing to come along since the invention of the Restaurant……

Restaurant Delivery!

As much as I love going out to eat, sometimes I don’t feel like going anywhere nor do I feel like cooking.  Sure, pizza delivery is wonderful but I like to have several other options open to me.

Restaurant Connection to the rescue!

Restaurant Connection is a local delivery service that will deliver food from over twenty local restaurants straight to your door, whether that be home, work or a hotel.  They also do corporate events.  If you need delivery to anywhere in the following area on this map, you’re in luck!  The coverage area will be expanding into St Paul as soon as possible.  Yippee!

A lunch meeting that I attended recently was the perfect opportunity to try Restaurant Connection for the first time.

Ordering was very simple:

  1. Click Order Online
  2. Enter your Location and Desired Delivery Date & Time
  3. Select a Restaurant you’d like to enjoy and build your order
  4. Login to your Account or Create a new customer account  (this will save your address for future uses)
  5. Continue to Checkout
  6. Select a payment method (Cash or Credit)
  7. Relax for 45 – 60 minutes & Enjoy!

Here is a small glimpse of the restaurants that now offer delivery through Restaurant Connection, with more being added all the time:

We ordered from Lotus Restaurant.  Everything was really easy to order online, all of the menu items were laid out efficiently and you add items to your cart like you would with any online order.  Every little detail and option about the food items were clear, including the desired level of spice.  It literally took me longer to decide what I wanted to order than the ordering itself.

Once the order was placed, the food arrived 35 minutes later, which was less time than the expected 45-60 minutes.

The delivery guy showed up in this cute and efficient delivery car.

I took a few photos of our delivery guy who never suspected he was going to star in this post ;)

He delivered the food to the conference room where we were having our meeting and set everything up for us.

The food was hot, fresh and tasted great! I will be visiting Lotus Restaurant in person sometime in the future and promise a full review then, but here is a sneak peak:

I was very happy with the delivery service that was provided by Restaurant Connection and would recommend it to others based on this experience.  I look forward to seeing the restaurants and delivery area expand into St Paul when I can use it several times a week.

I hope to do a Giveaway to Restaurant Connection sometime in the near future so that some lucky reader can try this great service for themselves, stay tuned!

  6 Responses to “Restaurant Connection ~ Minneapolis Restaurant Delivery Service”

  1. I once ordered in that restaurant and I am amazed. They deliver the order fast and they foods are still so hot and fresh and it really tastes so good. I also love how their prepare foods.

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  3. Looks like they have a good service.

  4. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is such a great idea. I gave them a try last night for dinner and it was so convenient.

    It was easy to place my order online and the food arrived within an hour. The driver was very friendly and the food was hot and tasted great!

    I am sold on this service and will be using them often for both lunch at the office and dinner at home.

  6. Expand to Anoka! Sounds like a neat service if you live within limits.

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