Nov 192011

Is your restaurant at risk of closing?

Are you in need of a boost in customers, good reviews and overall revenue?

Food Network is looking for passionate restaurateurs who have fallen on hard times.
The restaurant’s owners and management will be taking guidance from a celebrity chef and must be willing to overhaul their menu, décor and theme to put them back on the path to success!
Restaurant owners must have strong, outgoing personalities.

Restaurant’s must be full-service and have at least 50 seats and no more than 250 seats.
For a casting application please visit,

  One Response to “Casting Call for Restaurant:Impossible on Food Network”

  1. I know I speak for many in our small town of Port Henry, NY, when I ask (beg) you to come here and re-make one of the two restaurants in town (Boni’s Bistro).

    Boni has a big personality and we need somewhere nice to eat without having to travel an hour. (Up here in the Adirondacks, we have more mountains and lakes than we do decent places to go out and eat.)

    This is a challenge only you can resolve.
    Thank you for caring.

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