Nov 202011

Here are my current picks for Best Fish ‘n’ Chips based on the restaurants I have personally visited and reviewed.  This list will grow and change as necessary.  If you know of  other great fish & chips at other restaurants  that I need to try, please leave me a recommendation in the comments of this post. Restaurants, if you were named here, please feel free to use the badge to display on your own websites.

#1 Charlie’s Restaurant ~ This basket of crinkle fries was topped with one large fillet of walleye that was beer-battered and fried.  The fillet was impressive; not only was it long, it was also thick and meaty.  It was served with a homemade tartar that had dill rather than the traditional pickle.  Seriously good fish!

#2 Stella’s Fish Cafe ~ These thick pieces of flaky cod were very enjoyable; the batter that was used had a pleasant mix of seasoning and the perfect amount of golden crispiness without being too greasy.  There were three pieces of the cod which didn’t seem like an overly big portion for the price but it was truly excellent fish.  The fries were fresh-cut and also very good, as were the tartar sauce and coleslaw.

#3 The Anchor Fish & Chips ~ The cod filet was served in one large piece, battered and crispy with a sprinkling of sea salt.  The fish was light and flaky and the addition of the salt was a really nice touch.  There was a generous amount of chips in the basket, thick-cut fries lightly fried.  The curry sauce was a nice accompaniment to the fries and kicked up the flavor  few notches.  I also enjoyed the mushy peas, which were mushy and buttery.

#4 Patriot’s Tavern ~ The Fish N Chips at Patriot’s Tavern come with two pieces of beer-battered cod. The fish is thickly cut and flaky, with a very crispy battered and fried crust. Served with steak cut fries and homemade tartar sauce

#5 Jethros Char House ~ The Fish & Chips at Jethros is not a regular feature on the menu, but is offered as the Wednesday and Friday Night specials.  Fresh pollock is used and then breaded and deep fried.  The order starts with three thick, flaky pieces of fish but since it is an AYCE, order as much as you want! Comes with steak fries, toast, and coleslaw.

Wednesday Fish Fry at Jethros ~ Mahtomedi, MN

Wednesday Fish Fry at Jethros ~ Mahtomedi, MN

#6 Manitou Station ~ The Fish N Chips at Manitou Station comes with a fillet cut into two pieces of fish, thickly breaded.  The basket comes with thick-cut steak fries or you can order the meal which comes with the addition of mushy peas.

#7 Meredee’s Bistro ~ There were many pieces of cod, all of which had been battered with a light batter that was similar to tempura. The cod was very good.  The fish usually comes with fries or you can substitute for vegetables.

Cod Dinner at Meredee's Bistro ~ Chisago City, MN

Cod Dinner at Meredee’s Bistro ~ Chisago City, MN

Need to Try:
Mac’s Fish & Chips

  6 Responses to “TCRB Editor’s Picks: Best Fish & Chips”

  1. I love a good fish fry, I have been to several different bars/pubs/etc. I find that the Mill street Tavern in cannon falls has by far the best battered cod, and delicious tarter sauce. I try not to eat my fries or coleslaw so I can fill up on fish. Every Friday they have all you can eat fish fry. This will be my 3rd Friday in a row….sometimes I have to work Fridays and am out of town, Boooo!

  2. You really need to check out Macs! They have done wonders since taking it over! Some of the best fish and chips I’ve had anywhere!

    • I agree, I need to try Mac’s! Thanks for the reminder

    • The last time I went there it was terrible, has it gotten better? Have the owners changed again? The last time we went was shortly after the long-term owners sold to some new people 2009ish(?). I will try it again if it has really improved.

  3. I would recommend Seafood Market on Central Ave. Fish & chips there consist of 2 good sized-marinated tilapia fillets fried in a thin batter with plenty of straight cut fries. The fish flavor is superb! Don’t let the decor turn you away, the food is so dang delicious.

  4. The Anchor Fish & Chips is pretty good, would love to try the all you can eat at Jethros.

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