Dec 112011

I recently tried the Thai Chicken Pizza at ZPizza and thought it was really good.

This was the XL pizza (16″), a hand tossed crust layered with Thai peanut sauce, cheese, sliced red onion and chunks of white chicken.  It was baked until the cheese was browned and bubbly then topped with fresh cilantro, bean sprouts and shredded carrot.   The sauce is not super sweet but rather tangy from the vinegar. So full of flavor and 100% delicious.

Have you tried Thai Pizza before? What did you think?

  5 Responses to “Food Spotlight: Thai Chicken Pizza at ZPizza”

  1. This thai way of making the pizza is so special and adding the cheeze as topping makes it more yummy.

  2. Sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing this; I’ve been looking for a good Thai pizza for a while but have been unsuccessful. I’ll definitely give this a try.

  3. I have only had Thai Pizza a few times, but it’s becoming a favorite. Old Chicago has a good Thai Pie. California Pizza Kitchen has a really good one too!

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