Dec 172011

The Black Forest Inn in Minneapolis is once again offering its traditional and well-loved German delicacies by the dozen. Made only in December, these cookies and treats are the perfect way to complete your holiday celebration. This year, the collection includes:

  • Lebkuchen – The original gingerbread, these spicy, honey-sweetened cookies are light and low in fat.
  • Linzer – Tortes made with a buttery ground nut crust and a raspberry preserve filling.
  • Pfeffernusse – German for “pepper nut,” these hard, spiced cookies are the perfect companion to a warm winter drink.
  • Springerle – These pale, anise-flavored cookies are beautifully embossed with images of century-old folklore.

Other favorites include Marzipan, Stollen, pies and chocolates. Stop by the restaurant at 3 p.m. during the Christmas market December 17 and 18 for a Springerle demonstration

  One Response to “Holiday Cookies at Black Forest Inn ~ Minneapolis, MN”

  1. Will I still be able to buy/order springerle after Christmas Day? I have my g’mother’s rolling pin, but have never been able to make them like hers. Have I finally found a place to buy the cookies?? I’m SO excited!!! And lebkuchen – no one in my family likes them except me and my parents – but they are both gone, so I don’t make them just for me!!!


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