Jan 212012

Cuisine: Bakery
Location: White Bear Lake, MN
Address: 1640 County Rd E E   St Paul, MN 55110
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Atmosphere: Donuts Deluxe is located in a strip mall on County Rd E (just east of Hwy 61) in White Bear Lake.  The front of the space looks like someone had once tried to spruce it up a little and offer a cute little eating area and a coffee station adjacent to the bakery case. Despite this effort,  there isn’t a wall dividing the front from the back so you can see stainless steel bakery equipment and everything else that is going on in the back of the shop.  That seemed a little strange to me but I do know that Donuts Deluxe produces a ton of donuts every day that they supply many convenience stores with so maybe the front was just an after thought??

Menu:  There was a big menu board displayed above the coffee station that advertised donuts and muffins, but there weren’t any muffins available on the day of my visit.

The Donut selection included Old Fashioned, Bismarks, Apple Fritter, Cinnamon Pinwheels, Long Johns, Glazed Raised Donuts, etc.

What we ordered: My companions and I picked up a box of Assorted Donuts to try including the Fried Cinnamon, Long John, Bismarks filled with cherry and lemon jelly, Old Fashioned, and Bear Claw.

I had the Apple Fritter, which has always been one of my faves.  This one was wonderful! It was actually somewhat crispy on the outside but the inside was soft and filled with many big pieces of apple.  I loved the contrast in textures.  The dough of this fritter was spread out so it was less fluffy than most apple fritters but it was very big and very filling.  It was glazed with the perfect amount of sweetness. Donuts go great with coffee, don’t they? I snapped this pic with my iPhone ;)

Bear Claw

Overall Impression: Donuts Deluxe has a handful of common donut varieties and they are all very good and made fresh daily.  The selection wasn’t impressive but I was perfectly content with my apple fritter.
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  1. I used to work in that strip mall with Donuts Deluxe…the whole place is over run with mice. The mice would chew through your boxes and eat the papers. Or you’d pull out a draw and see turds laying on the files. I have seen the mice running around too…Each owner is responsible for cleaning up their own mice problem, to my knowledge it has never been professionally taken care of. I think the strip mall needs to be inspected by an exterminator before I’d eat there.

    • It is true that mice were found on the opposite side of the strip mall at a point, but the issue has been resolved for quite some time. Donuts Deluxe has frequent health inspections (being a part of the food industry).

  2. I happened across Donuts Deluxe by accident this morning. The young man who helped me was so nice and helpful. I tried one of the donut holes and it was so light and fluffy, you could tell it was home made, not mass produced. I bought a couple apple fritters (which could each feed 4 people!) and 2 custard filled bismarcks. I decided to bring them over to my parents house for a treat. The apple fritters had nice big chunks of apple in them and the bismarcks were so light, fluffy and delicious, we couldn’t believe it! My parents asked me exactly where Donuts Deluxe was located and said it’s about time there’s a Real Bakery in the area! When I told them they’ve been there for 7 years, they shook their heads. But you definitely have new customers! :D

  3. Ugh, might as well be a truck stop. Go to Mojo Monkey…oh wait. It’s in St. Paul, and therefore impossible for you to visit. SORRY.

  4. You should also try Granny’s Donuts in West St. Paul off Robert. They have the best apple fritter which is also one of my faves.

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