Jan 062012

Our craving lately has been for D-Spot.  Their wide variety of wings is incredible, but they offer a handful of sandwiches and burgers as well.  I have now been to D-Spot three times and this past visit I tried something altogether new to me.  The sign on the wall said, “50-50 Burger” and when I inquired as to what that was, I was told “1/4 lb burger made with 50% ground beef, 50% ground bacon”. Yes! The bacon-lover in me couldn’t resist.  We ordered a double with cheddar to share (along with some wings).

It was about as greasy as you would expect a burger made with 50% bacon to be but we both thought it was pretty fantastic.  It was served on a toasted bun-like bread and had great flavor, especially the smokiness of the bacon. The outside  of the burger was crispy from the extra fat added by the bacon but otherwise the texture was similar to any other burger.  I love bacon and cheddar together and was glad I ordered it with the cheese, which was served between the two patties.  It was served with an aioli of some kind that was the perfect topper.

I would order this again as long as I had someone to share it with; otherwise it might be too much for me.  This is a must-try for Bacon Lovers ;)

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  1. i live in tennessee in a area that gets about 8 million tourist a year it pigeon forge i would love to see your resturant in pigeon forge . i also would love to work in a fun place like this. let me know if i can help getting you to put a resturant here. thanks

  2. Thanks for all of the great reviews! I will be moving to the Twin Cities within the next year and already have a list of restaurants I want to try, thanks to your posts!

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