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Cuisine: American, Steak, Fish
Restaurant Features: Bar, Banquet Room, On-Site Parking,
Location: Mahtomedi, MN
Address: 10 Old Wildwood Road Mahtomedi, MN 55115 651.777.4097
Hours:  Tuesday-Saturday 4pm-10pm
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Atmosphere: The atmosphere at the Lakeside Club is one that is very laid-back.  The restaurant has been family-owned and operated since 1946 and the emphasis is definitely on the food.  There isn’t anything fancy about the small, wood-paneled dining room, and eating at the Lakeside does not require anything but casual attire.  A small bar is a popular spot to have a beer and watch whatever game is playing on the TV behind the bar.

Menu: Appetizers at Lakeside Club include Chicken Wings, Cheese Curds,

Sandwiches include Steak Sandwich, Hamburger or Cheeseburger.

Steaks served at Lakeside Club include 12 or 16oz Prime Rib, 12 or 16oz Ribeye, New York Strip, Filet Mignon, and Sirloin. Other entrees include Porkchop, Grilled Chicken Breast, Shrimp or Walleye.  All meals come with side salad and choice of potato or vegetable.

Price guide: Appetizers $7  Steaks $19-30
What we ordered: My companions and I started with the Chicken Wings.  This order of wings came with eight wings that had a crispy, seasoned breading on them.  They were great!

We also tried the Cheese Curds, a large serving of lightly breaded nuggets of hot cheddar cheese.  These were really good; they had a crispy texture and weren’t too greasy.

After we ate our appetizers, our server brought out our dinner salads and a plate of warm rolls, which come with the entrees.  The salads were served in a small bowl with ice berg lettuce, tomato and goldfish crackers.  You can always expect bread of some kind at Lakeside, although it changes frequently.  On this visit we were served brown dinner rolls that were hot and fresh.

I have eaten at the Lakeside countless times over the past decade and I always order the same thing; the 12oz Ribeye, with a medium temperature.  My steak was phenomenal; it was cooked perfectly and was incredibly tender and juicy.  It was only lightly seasoned with salt but the flavor of the aged meat was wonderful.  I had the choice of potato and I ordered fries, which are the salty shoestring variety, similar to McDonald’s. Yum!  Another of our companions also ordered the Ribeye and it was just as wonderful as mine.

Another companion ordered the 16 oz Prime Rib, which was a giant cut prepared medium rare.  This cut was comparatively lean for the size, which was thickly cut.  It was served with prepared horseradish and au jus with choice of fries.

One of my companions ordered the New York Strip, a lean and juicy cut that was just as tender as the ribeye.  Also served with choice of potato and side salad.

Service: I have been going to the Lakeside for over a decade and have become somewhat of a regular over the years.    Our server always remembers what we like to order, which I think is a nice touch.  Sodas are refilled quickly by any available server and the team effort seems to be carried through to the running of dishes and requests, etc.
Overall Impression: The Lakeside Club is a long-time favorite casual place to go for a delicious steak.
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  1. We have gone to Lakeside since we built a home just down the street . We had membership card, Food was Fantastic ! Used to order the steak for two …so delicious !Since 1970 we have gone there

    . Moved to Florida few years ago,Come here when we come to Mahtomedi ……Will be coming this coming week with our Family …. Cannot wait !

  2. I ate at Lakeside Club many times back in the early 80’s. Absolutely loved it. I currently live in Burnsville. I guess it’s about time to return, eh?

    -Brian D

  3. We were at the steak house last night for the first time 9/10/13 and the food & service was out standing. We could not of asked for anything better.
    Three of use had steaks and 1 had fish/ GREAT JOB Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you We will be back and bring frinds. Dennis

  4. good food, small restrooms.

  5. […] Lakeside Club  ~ They offer two sizes of Ribeye at Lakeside: 12oz & 16oz.  I usually order the 12oz Ribeye, medium temperature.  My steak was phenomenal; it was cooked perfectly and was incredibly tender and juicy.  It was only lightly seasoned with salt but the flavor of the aged meat was wonderful.  It is served with a side salad and choice of potato.  I chose the Shoestring fries […]

  6. We went to the Lakeside to meet my brother and sister in-law for dinner last night. We continue the tradition our parents started many years ago of going to the Lakeside for real good food served by real good people in a real atmosphere for real people. It’s always an enjoyable experience full of laughs and satisfied appetites.

  7. Been going to the Lakeside since it was a bottle club with a $3 membership fee 35 years ago or so. Watched the girls who own it grow up. Food always comes out sizzling hot and you can’t get a bad meal there. If you go often enough the girls will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. You’ll see what I mean.


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