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Here are my current picks for Best Ribeye based on the restaurants I have personally visited and reviewed.  I admit this list is limited but it will grow and change as necessary.   If you know of other tender, succulent ribeyes that I need to try, please leave me a recommendation in the comments of this post.  I plan to add Manny’s, Woolley’s (visited 12/31/12), Seven, St Paul Grill, Pittsburgh Blue, Capital Grille (visited  7/10/12), Kincaids and many others as soon as I have a chance.  Not all steakhouses offer ribeye steak but since it is my favorite cut, I will certainly find the ones who do!

#1 The Capital Grille ~ The Porcini Rubbed Delmonico is currently our top pick for the best ribeye in the Twin Cities.  This bone-in steak was prepared medium rare, just as requested, with a beautiful char on some of the edges.  It was juicy and tender as can be, a superior cut  aged to give it a more robust, deep flavor.

Woolley’s Steakhouse ~ The Red-Eye Ribeye ($36), which comes served over a bed of swiss chard and melted gorgonzola. This steak was amazing!!! I ordered it medium rare, and it was cooked just perfectly. When I say that this steak was tender, it could melt in your mouth. The melted gorgonzola was a wonderful accompaniment and added even more flavor. It was served with a warm cheddar ale biscuit and choice of potato. I will order this steak again every time I visit Woolley’s from now on. I might even dream about it ;)

Murray’s Restaurant ~ One bite had me declaring this the best steak of my life! The ribeye was huge; 20oz without the bone.  I ordered it medium and it was cooked just the way I like it.  I could tell that the quality of this steak was excellent, it was extremely tender and seemed to be completely gristle free.  The fat was barely noticeable except for the delicious flavor it added.  The aged beef had a robust flavor and was really well seasoned while also being served atop a small amount of au jus.  Magnificent!! Worth every penny of the $42 price tag.  It was served with choice of potato or salad.  I had baked potato which was also very good.  I have been to Murray’s a few times now and the steaks are consistently wonderful.

Porterhouse Steaks & Seafood ~ They had two size options: 18 or 24oz.   This 24oz steak was boneless and absolutely huge, a great value in comparison to other fine steak houses.  Every bite was extremely  juicy and tender.  I was happy I ordered it medium minus, it was much more red than I usually eat it, but I found that I really enjoyed it like that.  The bleu cheese that was melted on top was flavorful but not too overpowering. So good!  Another of my companions ordered this same steak and also enjoyed the extremely tender cut.

Lakeside Club  ~ They offer two sizes of Ribeye at Lakeside: 12oz & 16oz.  I usually order the 12oz Ribeye, medium temperature.  My steak was phenomenal; it was cooked perfectly and was incredibly tender and juicy.  It was only lightly seasoned with salt but the flavor of the aged meat was wonderful.  It is served with a side salad and choice of potato.  I chose the Shoestring fries

Gordy’s Steak House ~ My companion and I both ordered the 18 oz Delmonico Ribeye Steaks. My steak was a very tender cut, grilled to a perfect medium. The steaks at Gordy’s are said to be aged for 28 days; I could taste just a hint of the aged flavor. The steaks were seasoned very mildly (if at all?!), emphasis was purely on the beef. I dressed mine up with raw horseradish and my companion ordered a side of bearnnaise. Unfortunately my companion’s cut of ribeye was not nearly as tender as mine, unsure of consistency since I have only visited there one time.

Watch this list change and grow as we try more ribeye ;)

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  1. […] the best steaks I’ve ever had, rivaling the ribeye at Capital Grille for top contender on my Editor’s Picks for Best Ribeye.  The atmosphere at Woolley’s is wonderful if you like a somewhat tropical feel, so make […]

  2. […] the Kona rub. Sold! This steak was so wonderful that it has moved its way to the very top of my Best Ribeye Steak list.  I would say this whether or not my meal was free.  The Delmonico was served bone-in and […]

  3. This is John Van House, the Chef at Murray’s, and I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to come in to Murray’s. We work hard and it is great to hear people enjoy the fruits of our labor. Cheers!

  4. The BIGGEST sleeper in this town regarding Ribeyes and other cuts is The Bloomington Chop House..Their Bone in Ribeye is THE BEST in the city!..That steak is in my top 3 ever!!..Sharing the other 2 spots is Gene and Georgettis and Smith and Willensky (both located in Chicago)..There are good spots mentioned here such as Mortons( a sad day when they closed ) Mannys,Capitol Grille…BUT…Give the BCH a shot and you will be impressed!

  5. Roma’s Market in Mahtomedi also does ribeye, in fact, has a special going on this weekend (Jan. 28-29). Have not tried their ribeye, and the place is always busy! Food is good, but noise level in dining area is bothersome.

  6. Tried most of these and respectfully differ. I sent my steak back at seven with only one bite from it. Just a poor quality and very bland. A must try is Ruth’s Chris Wagyu ~it’s an off menu item but puts anything else on the list to shame. It is the third or maybe second best steak I have had anywhere in the country.

    Now as a serious steak lover myself-the best steak I have ever had was from a chef named Michael Mina at his restaurant in Las Vegas (the one in the Bellagio not the Mandalay Bay). The wagyu Chateaubriand literally brought tears to my eyes. This…genius chef poaches the finest cut of meat on the planet in a clarified butter and red wine reduction. I make this at home about twice a year.


  8. Has anyone tried Erte’s? They have really good Ribeye for a reasonable price and they’re generous with their helpings. Even their signature steak, The House, a 10 oz coulotte steak is good. http://www.ertedining.com/

  9. Has anyone tried the steaks yet at The Hanger Room in Mahtomedi, MN (across the street from Gordysin Mahtomedi)?Hope they are good as I’ve read.

  10. I have to agree with Kevin’s experience at The Porterhouse. My husband and I went there for the first time, I was way excited to have an incredible steak, but left with much disappointment. I ordered a Porterhouse, it was tough as a boot, overcooked on the outer portion and under cooked from bone to middle (how they did that is still a mystery) We paid an exorbitant price for my dog to have an extra meal :( I have also gone to Ruth’s Chris and wasn’t wowed with their food either. Jax’s is incredible, can’t say enough good about their steaks! I also love Texas Roadhouse. Great prices, incredible steaks!

  11. I don’t know if the Porterhouse is connected to the Porterhouse in Lakeville, but if it is, I would sincerely not recommend the Lakeville one. I went with a group of friends about a year or so ago, ordered the Ribeye and got a terrible cut of meat. I took two bites and complained to the manager, who basically handled me by telling me that sometimes some of the cuts are not as good as others and offered no replacement or compensation. I have told many of my experience.

  12. Jensen’s Supper Club in Eagan has the best Prime Rib in the Twin Cities. Order the Prime and Lobster, I always get my Prime Rib blackened with a side of Bearnaise, Amazing, Fantastic, Wonderful, hands down best dinner in the Twin Cities. The sides are served family style, the mashed potatoes, pasta prima-vera, and asparagus are all seasoned and cooked perfectly. The salad with their signature house dressing served with popovers and honey butter are the perfect start.

    FIVE STARS !!!!

  13. A must ribeye is at the River Inn in Hanover.

  14. I eat at least 5 steaks a week. My doctor says I’m fat and my cholesterol is through the roof. I better start ordering a side salad instead of the second plate of fries.

  15. No wonder Americans are fat.

  16. My personal favorite has always been the Cowboy Ribeye at Ruth’s Chris. I haven’t been there in 2-3 years now, but for the ~5 years before that I hadn’t met anything that could beat it, for me, and still haven’t since I was there last (at least not in MN).

    I had the Porcini Delmonico from The Capital Grille last November, and I had one of there other Ribeye’s years ago. The Delmonico was good, but it was not in my top three best ribeye’s in MN.

    I went to Murray’s last October, that was my first visit and the Ribeye there was probably in my top three for MN.

    I had the Ribeye at Seven sometime last fall as well, and, as I stated above, it was not as good as my previous visit when it still had the, then, chef’s name on the sign.

    My personal top three are:
    1 – Ruth’s Chris
    2 – Mortons (Closed)
    3 – Murray’s

    I have not been to a steakhouse outside of Minneapolis though, so my list is biased. I order my steaks medium-rare, prefer only salt & pepper as seasoning, lots of butter, and a good deal of marbeling (which can mean more grissle).

  17. If you’re going to talk about the MN’s best ribeye, Manny’s, capital grille and Gianni’s Steak House are the best I’ve had to date. I prefer a big juicy ribeye that comes with the bone, for more flavor. Price aside, Gianni’s Steak House in Wayzeta is the best I’ve been to… Highly recommend!

  18. I thought it was nice to see some love for the East Metro in your reviews. I’ve had good meals at the Porterhouse, in fact I’ve had the Rib Eye and loved it. I usually order medium rare and it comes out more rare than I would expect but I bet it is cooked perfectly to temp, I’d rather have it more rare than overcooked anyway.

    The most notable exclusion so far is The Hanger Room, their 58 day ages Rib Eye is $49 so it would be nice to see how it stacks up to Murray’s. I’ve seen it come out, it looks amazing.

    Thanks for working the East Metro, we see enough articles about how great the food is all over MPLS, that’s great but it’s all been covered ad nauseum. I like to stick closer to home and you just wrote about some real local gems (Lakeside!).

    Bon appetit! And keep on writing. :)

    • Thanks for your comment and the love for eastern suburbs…. I am with you that we hear way too much about all the urban restaurants and many great restaurants don’t get the publicity they deserve.
      I was at The Hanger Room a few months back and ordered the Porterhouse instead of the ribeye. I was not very impressed with my steak for the money. Wish I would have ordered their Ribeye instead. Next time!
      The Lakeside will always be one of my favorites and any food snob who hasn’t been there has no right sticking their two cents in ;)

  19. The best Ribeye in the Twin Cities is the Porcini rubbed Delmonico at The Capital Grille. It’s a bone-in-Ribeye and it’s got a crispy char!!

    • I tried the Kona Crusted Bone-In Sirloin at Capital Grille and it was amazing. I bet the ribeye is too! I will get the ribeye when I go back next time.

    • I’ve only had the Porcini at Capital Grille once, and it was good, but it was not the best I’ve had in MN.

      I prefer the Cowboy Ribeye at Ruth’s Chris.

  20. You’ve got to get out of the suburbs if you want actual food. And anyone looking for a “cheap” ribeye, shouldn’t be allowed to order a ribeye. Porterhouse is horrible and chintzy. Murray’s if for 55 and over, and SEVEN is for bro’s that think a flying dragon on a button-down and disco music in the background is the only way to eat a steak.

    As for the rest of the places you frequented; good for you. They probably needed the business. Riley hit the nail on the head. Jax, Manny’s, Capital Grille, The Strip Club, WA Frost, Meritage, etc. But don’t bother with SEVEN, the place is a joke.

    If you keep going to lame restaurants in the middle of nowhere, you’re pallet will remain bored and Midwestern. But, if you’re trying to expand your horizons—and by you writing this i’m guessing you are, then get out of your comfort zone! Look west and drive! If you can walk into a steak house and not feel poor, you’re in the wrong steakhouse. Walk away.

    • Ah yes, I forgot to mention WA frost and the strip club, both top tier. Seven is a great example of another new restaurant concerned with a hip social ambience with mediocre food that automatically gets “the best restaurant ever” label from some 22 year old (like you said it) “Bro” with a buttoned down dragon shirt. And so many of those restaurants in suburbs like bloomington, edina, and woodbury, are simply there to service the people that live there. Their not actually concerned with the food

  21. How can I credit a report like this when the critic is trying to find the best Twin Cities ribeye but hasn’t been to Mannys, Jax, or Mccormicks. You ordered the one at porterhouse medium and it was more red than you normally eat (thats what you get ordering medium), and you don’t usually get it like this (what steak critic orders well done). You say ordering it this way was a minus, but then you liked it? “The fat was barely noticeable except for the flavor is added.” That means it was noticeable. I really get the vibe as tho a 13 year old kid went out and ate a bunch of steaks in one day.

    • Hi Riley,
      Thanks for taking the time to read my review and comment. I assume you are a first-timer on the TCRB? I have been sharing my experiences at restaurant for a few years now but I have never proclaimed to be a food critic! My experiences at steakhouses are limited but I would never order a steak more cooked than medium and lately I have liked it cooked even less than that, hence the “medium minus”.

  22. Try the ribeye at Pittsburgh Blue in Edina!!

    • Yes, I definitely need to try Pittsburgh Blue for the ribeye…. on my list!!
      The list is mighty long, we have so many restaurants in the Twin Cities ;)

  23. A personal favorite of mine is The Grilled Ribeye at Oak City in Bloomington. It is marinated and finished with a red wine reduction sauce. The meat is tender and flavorful to perfection in my opinion. It is served as a 16 oz cut at a wonderful price point of $22.95. It is served with au gratin potatoes and seasoned vegetables. My only disappointment is that sometimes I do not care for the choice of vegetables, but you can always request asparagus or another favorite vegetable and they may or may not be able to accomodate you.

  24. No mention of Lindy’s ?

    Been there for 20 years and they rank right up there with the best.

  25. Why review so many out of the way places? I’ve never heard of any of them besides Manny’s. Everyone must try 7 in Minneapolis. They are intensly serious about their steaks. I definitely preferred them to Manny’s. Ruth’s Chris is excellent, as well.

    • I live in the east so these are the steakhouses I frequent more often. SEVEN is on my list, will hopefully get to try it in the next couple of months and will add it here when I do.

    • I was disappointed in my ribeye from Seven the last time I went. I thought the steak was better under the original chef, but I understand and agree with why he was excised from the restaurant.

  26. I would like to add Manny’s Steakhouse. Their medium rare ribeye was ridiculously good with virtually no gristle. It tasted like they fed the cow on a diet of butter and the texture was melt on your tongue but didn’t feel oily. I don’t much care for their restaurant because it feels loud and ruckus and the prices are pretty steep but the ribeye was on par with the best things I have ever eaten.

    My lone experience at Porterhouse was not as good as yours. I would even say it sucked. My brother and I both asked for medium rare but the ribeyes came out well done. I mean both were completely brownish grey. I am not exaggerating how over-cooked they were. We sent them back and got new ones but I think they rushed both steaks. The outsides were cooked but the insides were more rare than medium rare (not a huge deal but for $40 dollars you would expect better). It tasted alright but didn’t wow me. Maybe I should give Porterhouse another chance because I have heard many positive reviews but the jump from medium rare to well done is a real deal breaker for me.

    • Thanks for your recommendation to Manny’s, it is hard to believe I haven’t been there yet! Your description of the steak made my mouth water so i better head over there soon! I will add it to this list when I do.
      That is too bad that you didn’t enjoy your steak at Porterhouse. I agree that for the price, you expect an exceptional steak cooked the way you want it every single time.

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